TIPTUB Bath tub for disabled to enter and exit bath with ease and safety

TIPTUB Bath by Jake Naish_1
For people with reduced lower limb mobility.

Bathtubs are a perpetual fixture in our bathrooms. Used for bathing, these bathtubs can increase the salvage price of the entire property. However, many disabled individuals, especially with limited lower limb mobility, find it hard to use conventional bathtubs and hence fetch personalized ones to make their bathing endeavor trouble free and convenient.

Jake Naish, an ace designer has come up with an innovative bathtub designed to make entering and exiting a bath easier and safer for those with reduced lower limb mobility. The product is up for commercial production and is finding takers in aplenty. To get a better idea, let us first understand the mechanism of the bathtub.

TIPTUB Bath by Jake Naish_2
Water chamber that surrounds the user causes bath to tip as it fills up.

The water chamber of the bathtub that surrounds you causes bath to tip as it accommodate water inflow. You have to press a button on the control pad, incorporated in the bathtub, to release water from chamber into bath as soon as it attains proper bathing position. Now you can step into bath and turn 180°. To prevent any accidents, the tub comes equipped with a flat anti-slip platform. So, you can rest assured that your entry is safe.

To facilitate safe usage, the tub come with two handles on either side. You have to lower yourself onto the seat gently to eliminate chance of falling. As water fills the chamber, the bath tips back into position slowly. After attaining the perfect position, the bathtub locks into place. After enjoying a fine bath, you can come out of the bath with consummate ease.

The product is made of superior material and hence can be relied upon for form and functionality. The bathtub in question is meant for disabled people but can be beneficial for pregnant women and those with short-term disability. The price, however, is not revealed, but rest assured that it would exceed the price of the conventional bathtubs. Overall, a good buy.

TIPTUB Bath by Jake Naish_3
Control pad is used to release water from chamber into bath once it’s in bathing position.

TIPTUB Bath by Jake Naish_4

TIPTUB Bath by Jake Naish_5
Step into bath onto flat anti-slip platform and turn 180°.
TIPTUB Bath by Jake Naish_6
Using handles on either side gently lower onto seat.
TIPTUB Bath by Jake Naish_7
Bath gently tips back into position as water chamber fills up.
TIPTUB Bath by Jake Naish_8
Bath locks into place once in bathing position.

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