Withings’ Aura sleep monitoring system boasts of invisible features

withings aura sleep monitoring

Quantified Self and Digital Health – these two avenues seem to be the ultimate benchmarks for a multitude of wearable devices that are to be showcased in this year’s CES. The list includes – fitness trackers and monitoring ornaments that quantify our physical as well as psychological requirements.

The related scope also seems to be pretty plausible with smart data being easily transmitted to our daily used mobile devices. However, the predicament lies with the core nature of such trackers – they need to be physically worn for the ambit to work.

Many of us would surely feel uncomfortable with an electronic device coming between us and our resting phase. Well, Withings have found a way to around this awkward and obtrusive problem; they have designed a wearable tech that is completely discreet in nature.

Christened as the Aura, the sleep monitoring system comprises of two components – a sleep sensor and a bedside device. The soft sleep sensor easily slips under your mattress and measures patterns like breathing cycles, heart rate and body motions. The bedside device on the other hand acts as a screening agent to shield you from unwanted noise and excess lighting.

The data collected (comprising of tracked sleep patterns) can be accessed from a dedicated Aura smartphone app. Additionally, the discreet system also provides us with ‘scientifically validated’ light and sound programs that can enhance our future sleeping posture and experience.

Even in purely technical terms, the company touts the Aura to be more precise than comparable trackers, with its ability to detect micro-movements of our sleeping body. Of course, all of these advantages come with a slightly steeper price of $299. As for its availability, the sleep monitoring system is expected to retail by spring of this year.

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