Belkin collaborates with Crock-Pot to unveil the Smart slow cooker

Belkin Crock-Pot Smart slow cooker

Belkin have already enticed us with their famous WeMo light switch. And, now they are back in the realm of remotely controlled home appliances with the Smart slow cooker. Created in collaboration with the exalted Crock-Pot, the advanced cooking contraption can be accessed and regulated from your smartphone.

Pretty similar to the working scope of SEB’s smart pressure cooker, you can opt for a host of controlling features to slow cook on a remote basis. This includes – activating the slow cooker, adjusting the precise temperatures and estimating the overall cooking time for the dish.

The best part is – all of these can be done via Belkin’s familiar WeMo app for both Android and iOS devices. The only physical actions that need to be done from the user’s end entail putting the ingredients into the pot and adding the assortment of spices.

Now, the idea of a cooking device that can be remotely controlled seems to be too prevalent in our modern era. However, Belkin’s device encompasses the ‘art’ of slow cooking, which can take a considerable amount of time in any given condition. The Smart slow cooker takes advantage of this extended period by giving you the opportunity to go out of the house even when you are ‘cooking’.

Finally in commercial terms, the Smart slow cooker will be unveiled in CES 2014, with commercial availability expected by spring of this year.

Via: IntoMobile

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