Zhang Biqing constructs mountain Atop 26-Story Residential Building in Beijing!

mountain Atop 26-Story Building by Zhang Biqing_1 mountain Atop 26-Story Building by Zhang Biqing_2 mountain Atop 26-Story Building by Zhang Biqing_3 mountain Atop 26-Story Building by Zhang Biqing_4

Zhang Biqing, an eccentric doctor and owner of the rooftop in this 26-story residential building in South China has built a sprawling mountain villa on the roof above his top-floor flat.

Zhang, who styles himself as the ‘professor’ constructed this mountain villa without seeking any permission from local authorities and other residents living in this 26-story building.¬†As a matter of fact, this ‘mountainous endeavor’ on the roof has been constructed by using real trees, grass and artificial rocks, while the gargantuan scope covers a whopping 1000 square-meter of roof space.

It took six years to construct the rooftop mountain, and thus the residents living in this building have been continuously complaining as they suffered from noise and many other disturbances caused due to the heavy construction. Their flurry of complaints finally caught the attention of the local authorities. As a solution in favor of civility, the authorities have in turn ordered Zhang Biqing to remove the mountain within 15 days. Any non-compliance with this order would result in his forceful eviction from the apartment

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