Tetris Heat Changing Mug exhibits dynamic blocks that ‘really’ fall

For many of us Tetris righteously belongs to the ‘Holy Trinity’ of video game icons, which also includes exalted names like Mario and Pac-Man. And to fill your morning video game nostalgia with a delicious slice of puzzle solving, we have comes across the Tetris themed coffee mug.tetris_heat_mug

Created by ThinkGeek, it is of course no ordinary coffee mug with some Tetris graphics on its curved facade. The conception is rather about a Heat Changing Mug that not only allows you to fill the cup with some hot beverage, but also gives you the glorious satisfaction of watching those heat activated blocks fall (much akin to action in the classic video game itself).

According to the creators –

Of course, any hot drink will bring the Tetris mug to life, but in the spirit of the 1980s, you need caffeine. The colorful, vibrant, symmetry of Tetris was born out of caffeine-fueled late nights and incredibly early mornings. To keep that spirit pumping, you need to get your mind racing and your heart thumping. So bust out that coffee, brew up that tea and sip up your energy to the sight of the Tetris mug, with musical accompaniment by you.

The mug is made from ceramic, while the built-in ‘game’ activates from any heated liquid. The designers have also cautioned us not to use dishwasher for washing the mug, as the heat from the machine can harmfully affect the heat-sensors of the mug. So, hand washing is always preferable.

Price – $9.99

Via: ThinkGeek

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