10 crazy interior ideas to turn your home into an ‘avant garde’ abode

Often we have harped about about nifty architectural designs that have the capacity to practically transform your home. However, this time around we say – let’s cut loose the practical conventions, and opt for something crazy, whimsical and utterly out-of-the-box. To that end, let us check out ten such incredibly oddball ideas that might just morph your mundane habitat into a abode of awesomeness!

1) Staircase with a slide –

Staircase with a slide

We have mentioned this before, and we will mention it now – stairs remain among one of the most underutilized areas inside a house. This quandary can be solved by using the spaces below and beside the steps as dedicated storage spaces – as seen here. But we are not talking about practicality, are we? In that regard, we can surely dream of the unthinkable, and go for for a full fledged slide that is incorporated as a part of the staircase! And interestingly enough, Quirky already has a similar conception in works that has every chance to see the commercial light of the day.

2) Dining table with swinging chairs –

Dining table with swinging chairs

Yes, you can have your dining seat, and swing it too! And the best part is – the motional attributes of the swinging chairs can certainly recreate some positive energy for our usually dreary breakfast sessions. Of course, the arrangement has to be structurally stable, with the downward-acting weights being entirely supported by the horizontal posts of the collective furniture setup.

3) Pool table masquerading as a dining space –

Pool table masquerading as a dining space_1 Pool table masquerading as a dining space_2

At the first instance, the table might look like an innocuous piece of modernist furniture bedecking your living room. But there is more to the design than that meets the eye. The table-top plywood cover slides away to gloriously reveal a full fledged pool table with all the six pockets. Now, there are some of us who prefer ping pong over pool, and for them we have this cool contrivance.

4) Living room hammock –

Living room hammock

A living room-installed hammock would surely be the ultimate relaxing pad for the TV and console gaming buffs among us. Just imagine yourself laughing out loud to the comical capers of George Costanza while sipping from that cold glass filled with heart-gladdening wine (or beer)! As for the outdoorsy ones among us, worry not – there are also some fascinating ‘bed-hammocks‘ available for your gardens and backyards.

5) Bed with aquarium headboard –

Bed with aquarium headboard

While Commander Shepard (from the Mass Effect video-game series) had the fortune of sleeping beneath the flashing heavenly bodies by virtue of his room’s star-gazing skylight, you can go in the opposite ‘aquatic’ way for your bedroom. As we can make out from the above image, the headboard of the incredible bed comprises of an imposing aquarium with all the thrills and frills of marine lifeforms to greet you when you wake up from your precious sleep. And, if you don’t like fish and still dig technology, you can surely opt for the Tranquility Pod by shelling out $30,000!

6) Transparent bathtub –

Transparent bathtub

Yes, there is a certain voyeuristic side to the transparent bathtub; but you can’t seriously deny its exuberant ‘cool factor’. The optical illusion (with a dash of elegance) is perfect to flabbergast your children and guests alike. And, those of us who are not up for the ‘inquisitive’ transparency of glass facades, you can surely take your pick from the more opaque yet exquisite stone-made bathtubs.

7) Underground bathroom recess with glass cover –

Underground bathroom recess with glass cover

While our earlier entry dealt with our near field of vision, the underground bathroom recess takes things to a deeper level. Now, as for the above image – the bathroom is clearly constructed on some ancient foundation that allowed the depth go to such a frighteningly subterranean level. But of course, such old foundation works are not that easy come by; and so – we can incorporate what is better known as infinity mirror to replicate the effect of depth. Take a gander at this neat little contrivance that mimics the ‘decor’ of a deep dungeon.

8) A fireplace ‘and’ a center table –

A fireplace 'and' a center table

Since we have been talking with transparency, why not integrate an entire fireplace within a glass cage? Incredibly, the installation is not just limited by the gimmicky nature of a fireplace in the center of your living room. The dashing design also doubles up as a coffee table for snugly having your hot beverages (by the ‘fireplace’) during those romantic winter nights.

9) Cellar/pantry with glass-made access door –

pantry with glass-made access doo_1 pantry with glass-made access doo_2

We never thought that pantries could be so classy! The architects have deftly installed a dedicated storage space as an integral decor element of the dining space by the patio. What’s more, the swankiness of the chic installation (with its underground credentials) also makes the subterranean room a perfect candidate for the dwelling’s wine cellar. And in case, you are jealous of this design, there are fortunately ways to make your own pantry more accessible and spatially efficient.

10) Home office with futuristic essence – 

Home office with futuristic essence

Working from home is tough because most of our work ethics are borne out of self-discipline, as opposed to non-personal office regulations. And adding to that – there are always disturbances from family members, be it kids or old parents. We would presume the designers of the above pictured futuristic office were instigated by such predicaments, and the result is a privacy-oriented space that is aptly segregated from the main house and yet forms a part of the main habitat’s compound.

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