10 incredible solar-powered furniture designs

Furniture designs have moved beyond their ‘ole’ scope of just being used as seating or storage components. Many contemporary designs allude to the more ‘collective’ ambit of furniture items, by upholding their virtue as modern shelters with infused user-oriented technology. And, when technology comes into consideration, it is always better to opt for sustainable avenues.

To that end, solar power remains one of the most crucial sources of renewable ‘green’ energy. So, without further ado, let us check out ten such incredible modern furniture designs (and conceptions) that are effectively powered by solar energy.

1) MIT SOFT Rocker –


A stylish lounge chair with a flowing dynamic embodiment – this in a nutshell defines the core aesthetics of the MIT SOFT Rocker. But of course, there is more to the outdoor furniture than that meets the eye.

On closer inspection, we can make out a 1.5 axis 35 watt solar tracking system that efficiently juices up a hidden 12 ampere-hour battery (from the solar energy accumulated during the day).

This setup in turn accounts for the futuristic loop light and also powers the embedded USB ports for charging your mobile devices.

2) Solar Power Executive Table –

Solar Power Executive Table

Created by design studio ‘Because We Can’, the above pictured project was undertaken for an old Ford manufacturing building (that was used as an office by photovoltaic cell-manufacturer SunPower).

The classy looking table comprises of a sturdy steel frame, while its top section houses a entire solar panel draped in a smooth plastic surface. And, the best part is – the panel is fully functional, thus fulfilling the poetic scope of creating solar power when executives seating around it are discussing about solar power!

3) Bio-photovoltaic Moss Table –

Bio-photovoltaic Moss Table

The technology behind the advanced Bio-photovoltaic Moss Table gives a twist to the conventional scope of solar energy (that fuels a conventional battery).

Instead the furniture items exhibit the application of what is known as the Bio-Photo-Voltaic (BPV) technology. This pertains to utilization of the energy that would have been otherwise ‘wasted’ on photosynthesis.

As we can make out from the image, the potted plants on the tabletop act as natural batteries that convert the chemical energy into electrical energy (via organisms like algae and cyanobacteria). This generated electricity in turn can be used for powering smaller devices like digital clocks!

4) SOlo Lounge –

SOlo Lounge

Like our earlier Executive Table entry, the SOlo Lounge by Intelligent Forms marries the essence of classiness with high-end technology.

Crafted from a stainless steel frame, the tabletop is covered in tempered glass. Underside this transparent shell, the design boasts of a built-in solar panel (arranged from silicone-based solar cells).

The photovoltaic system has the capacity to produce around 73 kilowatt hours of solar power each year, which further juices up the table’s USB ports, electrical outlets and integrated LEDs that light up during the night.

5) Panasonic’s Solar-Powered Table –

Panasonic's Solar-Powered Table

The Japanese electronic giant showcased their exclusive solar-powered table back in 2011. The much touted feature of the furniture specimen is its ability to power Qi devices (an interface standard for inductive electrical power transfer) in a wireless manner.

All that the user needs to do is place the device on the solar paneled-square, and the charging presumably takes place via an inductive scope.

Unfortunately, we have not heard many words from the company about the design’s commercial prospect, after it’s ceremonious demonstration 3 years ago.

6) ‘The Idea of a Tree’ Stool –

The Idea of a Tree' Stool

The curious looking ‘The Idea of a Tree’ Stool from Mischer’traxler is basically a solar-powered ‘contraption’ that has the ability to change its shape into various furniture types.

In other words, the machine can spin the array of threads into various contrivances like stools, benches and even lamp shades – all depending on the amount of sunlight received throughout the day.

The bundle of threads are passed through resin and dye, and then wrapped around a rotating mold (which is spun by solar power), thus giving shape and structure to the created furniture. And, the novel part is – the design’s physical characteristics are based on the weather conditions at the time of its making – like cloudy days reduce the spinning motion, which endows a thick, darker texture to the resultant furniture.

7) Current Table –

Current Table

Marjan van Aubel’s aptly named ‘Current Table’ has the remarkable capacity to power your smaller devices by mimicking the effect of photosynthesis.

Making use of a dye-sensitized solar cell that absorbs light energy to convert it into electrical power, the table can even work under a room’s indoor light (as opposed to just natural sunlight). This generated green power in turn can be used to charge various small devices and appliances via integrated USB ports.

8) Entertainment Lounger –

Solar Powered Entertainment Lounger

This imposingly blue outdoor lounger from Hammacher boasts of motorized reclining, built-in misters, Bose speakers and even a USB charging port – all powered by the renewable energy of sun! All of these attributes are fueled by the two 10-watt solar panels on both sides of the furniture.

This technological scope is further bolstered by other features like – sturdy aluminum frame with a plush yet waterproof cushion, support wheels for mobility and an adjustable awning for those summertime shades.

9) Electree –


Envisaged by designer Vivien Muller as a table sculpture that replicates a bonsai tree, the 27 ‘leaves’ of the incredible creation are integrated with individual solar panels.

The resultant power harnessed by all these cells are stored in a 2,500 mAh battery that is hidden beneath the bottom part of the sculpture’s base panel. And, the good part about the installation is – the entire setup is modular in nature, which allows the user to arrange the item in accordance with his/her creative faculties.

10) FOTON illuminating furniture –

FOTON illuminating furniture

An outdoor furniture collection by Turkish company Hanmak, the FOTON makes use of luminous LED systems for the effulgent effect during nighttime.

These LED strips are powered by built-in batteries that are juiced up by the combination of two green technologies – wind energy as well as solar energy. The lighting effect is further complemented by the use of high-quality, durable material for the furniture line’s regular structures.

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