10 resourceful ways you can re-use your old door for improved decor

Your old backyard shed door is all creaking and rickety? Why not make better use of it as a crucial part of your home decor? Yes, home decor! As it turns out, an old door has a myriad of uses inside your house, ranging from renovating coffee tables to contriving it as floor mirror. So, while we are at it, let us check out ten ingenious ways by which we can re-utilize an old door specimen for improving our home interiors.

1. Cool coffee table for your living room –

Re using old door_1

We like the way the table top is made from a salvaged door. But we love the way the side panels have been crafted from the same door components, albeit in their cut sizes. The end result is a nifty coffee table with a rustic essence.

2. Monstrous bookshelf with ‘back-door’ support –

Re using old door_2

Making a bookshelf by yourself is the certainly the DIY endeavor with ultimate satisfaction. And, you can improve upon this home-made scope by using your old door as the sturdy back support.

3. A collective storage center –

Re using old door_3

The expansive facade of a regular door makes it a perfect accompaniment to credibly large storage centers. Such furniture components can be used as dressers (with a mirror upgrade) in your bedroom, or even as a garden tools storing space for your backyard.

4. Giant headboards with door credentials –

Re using old door_4

Once again, the verticality of door can prove to be quite useful for bed headboards. The good thing about the conception is that you can use the extra coverage of the door facade for suspending lighting fixtures and covering those damp wall spots.

5. Classy console table with sleek attributes –

Re using old door_5

Till now we have been talking about bigger door variants. However, smaller doors also have their furniture oriented uses, as shown in the above image. A console table is typically placed against a wall, and is used for showcasing decor peripherals like flower pots and novelty items. Polished small door sections are perfect as sturdy tops for such exhibition items.

6. Low cost bathroom shelf and towel hanger –

Re using old door_6

When showing some renovation love to your bathroom, you should always opt for low cost upgrades. A salvaged door comes in handy during such scenarios with its usability as a bathroom shelf and towel hanger.

7. Floor mirror with door backing –

Re using old door_7

Some of us like the sheer elegance showcased by the realm of home decor. The magnificent floor mirror with its imposing door backing is tailored for those decor enthusiasts.

8. Glass door room divider –

Re using old door_8

Room dividers hint at a more streamlined spatial organization of your room, and old glass doors are nigh perfect for this role. The unobtrusive, transparent sections endow a visual connection with the surrounding, while acting as physical boundaries for upholding semi-privacy.

9. Day organizer with a bucolic essence –

Re using old door_9

Chalkboards make for a great addition to suspended door/wall hangings. The decor takes a more sylvan route, while the usability is notched up by those planning and messaging panels embedded along the door insets. Interestingly, you can also use a similar design in your bathroom for personalized week planning or some ole fashioned inspirational quotes.

10. A charming porch swing –

Re using old door_10

This is arguably one of the grooviest entries, and we raise our humble hats to the creator. There is also a variant to the design with an outdoor bench utilizing the expansive door section as a seating component instead of a back rest.

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