3 Decorating Tips to Sell Your Home Quicker

home decoration in living room

When you find that your current place no longer suits your needs, or you want a change of scenery, you may be tempted to put your house up for sale as quickly as possible. Although this may seem like a good idea, rushing could lead to a lower amount of interest or fewer offers from potential buyers. Taking the time to tweak your home with a few minor decorating and styling tips could help to expedite the process once your house is listed.

Look at the current market

Checking the designs currently in use by other homeowners might be a good place to start before you make any alterations to your own home. Real estate directories contain a number of properties that you might want to use as an indicator of current design and decoration trends. This can allow you to look for any similarities between properties, especially those that have recently sold and consider implementing them within your own home. Another thing to watch for is design trends in certain areas, for example, houses for sale in Sacramento may have different decor styles to other areas.

At the same time as gaining this information, you may also be able to conduct research on the current market to figure out what price you may be likely to get for your home. This can be especially useful if you want to ensure that you put your house on the market at a time when prices are fairly stable, meaning you can hold out for better offers.

The importance of colors

While you may be tempted to not bother painting the walls of your home if you plan on leaving it very soon, it may actually negatively affect your ability to sell. Certain colors can entice buyers a lot more than others. Although you might be in love with your orange kitchen or dark blue bathroom, this may be off-putting to potential buyers. It could be better to paint the walls throughout your home with light, neutral tones. This can also create an illusion that the rooms are bigger than they are. In addition to this, it can give a better base for a new owner to work on, should they then wish to personalize the rooms a bit more.

First impressions

Those potential buyers may begin to formulate an opinion of your home before they have even set foot inside. This can be because the exterior of the place is also rather important. While you may already keep the lawn trimmed and tend to plants, you may need to look at your driveway and footpaths as well. A new driveway could set you back around $1000 for cheaper materials but may serve you well when selling the place. In contrast, cracked and aging ground might cause offers to be lower, or even make people feel like there would be a lot of work ahead of them were they to purchase your home.

Thinking about both the inside and outside of your house can allow you to make some clever decoration choices to increase the likelihood of a good sale. You may be able to gain inspiration from speaking to a real estate broker, or even from looking at similar properties that have recently sold.

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