How To Choose The Right Countertops For Your Kitchen

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With various types of countertops available, picking one can become tricky if you don’t know what to look for. The design, color, and material used are three primary characteristics that people contemplate when purchasing a countertop. Besides keeping the above-mentioned characteristics in mind, you should consider several other aspects when choosing your countertop. 

From choosing the right materials to learning about each type’s unique characteristics. This article will supply you with some tips that will definitely help you pick out a countertop that best suits your kitchen. So, without further wait, let’s begin. 

Countertop Usage

The first thing that you should look out for is your usage. While there are many options for you to pick from, considering your usage will make it easier to choose one that serves its purpose. If you feel confused, ask yourself why you will be using the countertop. For example, quartz countertops would be a sturdy option if you plan to use kitchen appliances and do a lot of chopping. You can even do a mix-up of countertops to accommodate your needs. For example, if you bake frequently, having a marble countertop to mix up the dough would work best. 

Space and Budget

Measure the length of each countertop you would need for your kitchen. Every countertop manufacturing company has its selling rates, so make sure you get quotes from each option. Comparing the prices will definitely help you choose the best option within your budget. However, ensuring the quality is also crucial as inferior quality countertops can crack and break, ultimately adding up repair costs. 

Now that we have covered the basics, let’s explore the standard types of countertop materials that are available. However, please keep in mind that your choice will not only depend on the material, but on other factors like its durability, cost, overall appearance, and its resistance to scratches and stains. 

Natural Stone Countertops

Natural stone countertops have various benefits. They look elegant, and they are also highly durable, require minimal maintenance, and can withstand the mishaps that happen with daily use. There are several types of natural stone countertops to pick. Here are some types and their characteristics for a better understanding.


This soft and porous natural stone is stain-resistant. It is the right choice for people who want to give a luxurious vibe to their indoors and cook occasionally. The stone is porous and requires maintenance at least once a year. Failing to maintain marble countertops can result in staining and damage. Marvel countertops are pretty expensive but can give you any finish you prefer. Whether you prefer the leathered look or a glossy finish, the choice will be yours. 


Granite countertops are one of the most common types that provide durability, do not require too much maintenance, and are cost-effective. You can choose from a plethora of different visual patterns, colors, and finishes that don’t require maintenance for at least 15 years. Granite prices can vary depending on its place of origin, the type of granite present, and its finish. 

There are various other natural stone countertops to choose from, including quartz, soapstone, and slate. 

Prefab Granite Countertops

If you want to go for a granite countertop but don’t have the budget, consider opting for a prefabricated granite countertop. Prefabricated granite is the same material, but it is already cut into several standard sizes. This means you won’t be able to order a custom-sized countertop.  Still, the available pre-cut sizes can fit most standard home dimensions. When choosing a prefab granite countertop, the folks at Francostone emphasize that you must check the quality because low-quality countertops don’t contain granite. These substandard countertops are produced by mixing concrete and marble. Therefore, research is necessary before you lock in on one.

Concrete Countertops

These countertops resemble granite and have a very appealing look. Concrete countertop manufacturing has evolved to a point where manufacturers send you a perfect precast counter according to your preferences. During the casting process of concrete, desired color pigments are mixed together. After curing the colors, the countertops are honed and polished to give the desired look. These concrete slabs are reinforced with steel, wire mesh, or fiberglass to provide extra strength and durability. 

Wooden Countertops

If you prefer to stay safe from harmful microorganisms, a wooden countertop would be the best choice. Research suggests that bacteria and other microorganisms typically don’t survive a few minutes on a wooden surface. This makes wooden countertops a good pick for health-conscious people. You can choose various wood types ranging from blond hardwood to expensive oak wood. Fabricating these countertops is done in three ways: 

  • Producing edge grain countertops by putting together wooden slabs with the wood’s grain pattern facing in one direction. 
  • End grain counters are made from thick wooden blocks to form a thick wooden slab. 
  • Wide-plank countertops are preferred by people who require a lot of space while cooking. However, this type can be damaged or cracked when not cared for properly. 

Plastic Lamination

Plastic laminate is an affordable and durable material that does not require maintenance. There are tons of colors and patterns you can choose from but remember to only go for a matte texture if you want to use the countertop for kitchen purposes. Avoiding a textured pattern is necessary as working on such a countertop will increase wear and might even cause damage. These plastic laminates can either be a general-purpose laminate or a vertical grade. General-purpose laminate is used for countertops, whereas vertical ones are used for making drawers, cabinets, and doors. Post-form laminate is another plastic countertop type that is prepared to be installed in an instant. 

Now that you have gathered all the essential information, it’s time to take some time and conduct further research on each type. After you’ve done all your research, it is essential that you go in person to check the actual quality of the countertop you are about to purchase.   We hope the information we shared assists you in making the right choice. 

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