5 Best LED Panel Light Ideas for Your Home

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LED panel lights are available in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and color temperatures. You can get the panel lights according to your space requirement. 

LED panel lights are well known for the countless benefits they offer. For example, they are cost effective, long lasting, illuminate the light equally without harming your eyes, and give a stylish and elegant look to the area.

We have picked the best 5 ways to illuminate your home with the panel LED lights. Give it a read! 

Integrated Ceiling Fixtures

Integrated LED light panels are available in several shapes. You can use them as recessed or mounted fixtures. You can install these panels on the ceiling or walls.

Recessed LED panel light on the ceiling of a lounge illuminates the entire space equally, giving a natural light-like look. Also, a recessed light is an ultimate solution if your ceiling has a low height. 

You can use multiple small panels in a pattern or a big flat panel to brighten up the space. Also these lights can be used as a part of the false ceiling. 

Furthermore, LED panel lights are also available with dimmers. You can dim the light when you need to create a cozy effect and enjoy it with your family.

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Use It As a Decorative Panel on the Walls

Touch sensitive LED light panels can be used as decorative light sources on the walls. The hexagon modular with magnetic edges enables the installation effortlessly.

These innovative touch-sensitive lights make your home stylish and up to date. Also, if you install these panels on the wall of the hallway or staircase, while walking in the dark, with a single touch you can illuminate the area.

Another advantage of separate modular designs is that you can arrange them in multiple ways to give a custom look to your wall.

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Innovative Color-Changing LED Panel Lights

If you are thinking of brightening up your bedroom or living room with an LED panel installed in the ceiling or the wall, we have a new and creative solution for you.

You can use the color changing LED panels on the walls or ceiling. LED panel lights are available in several color changing options. The RGB panel lights give you the flexibility to choose from a wide range of colors.

Also you can change the color temperature from warm to cold. so , if you want to create a cozy impact, a warm (yellow) color light will do good. Similarly, for a study room cold (blue) color temperature is a better option.

How about creating a decorative wall in your living room with small color changing LED light panels?

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Replacement for Chandeliers

Large-sized LED light panels with designs on them are a good replacement for huge and fancy chandeliers.

If you have a small house with a low ceiling that a hanging light will make the area congested, then a recessed light is a better option for you.

These types of panel lights not only fully illuminate the space but also add beauty to the ceiling. The simple designs with intricate designs give a sleek and trendy look to your living room. 

You can also get these panel lights with a remote controller. This remote controller allows you to change the color, temperature of the light, and dim it when needed.

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Use It As a Pendant Light on Your Kitchen Island

Flat integrated LED panels are sleek and can be hung with wires. You can use these panels as hanging pendants on your kitchen island or hallway.

The anti-glare LED light technology does not irritate your eyes and completely brightens the working area. 

You can use a suspension set that has hanging cables to hang the light safely above your kitchen island. Hanging LED panel lights are suitable for homes with high ceilings. You can hang the light to create a balance and minimize the effect of the high ceiling.

Final Thoughts

So, the wide range of LED panel lights opens the possibilities of innovations for you. You can install them on walls, ceilings, and floors (mostly for commercial use).

The simple and basic shapes of the light panels also invite you to try your creative ideas and arrange several panels in custom designs.

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