5 Reasons Why Your Garage Door Keeps Opening by Itself

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The automatic garage door is a great addition to every home and makes daily functioning ever so comfortable. Its purpose is to open and close on your command, just when you need it. However, sometimes you may notice that your garage door starts opening by itself. Whether you use it on a daily basis or less frequently, any malfunction is neither practical nor convenient.

If you have a problem with your garage door opening on its own, you must be wondering what the cause is and what you can do to fix it. That’s why we prepared a list of possible reasons and solutions to your problem. If you want to learn more, keep on reading!

Identical Codes or Frequencies

Before 1993, garage door openers were programmed using positioning clips. To open the door, you had to transmit a signal on a specific frequency or have a particular code. If you and your neighbors have the openers manufactured before 1993, chances are you’re using the same codes or frequencies. 

This theory is easy to test. Contact your neighbors with the older garage door openers and ask them to open their garage door. If your door opens too, there are two solutions, according to experts from A1garage.com. Your remote transmitter will have to be reprogrammed, and your garage door must be set to a different frequency.

Buildup and Debris

After 1993, new safety regulations were introduced. As such, every garage door had to have a safety sensor installed – a reversing mechanism. It’s located near the floor of your garage and was designed to keep people and objects from being crushed by the closing door. If there’s any debris or buildup, your garage door will keep opening on its own until you remove the objects that trigger this sensor.

Misaligned Safety Sensors

Your garage door has two safety sensors that trigger the reversing mechanism. They’re placed on both sides of the garage door opening and shoot a beam of light across the door in newer models. If you’re sure there’s no debris or buildup that’s causing the reversing mechanism to kick into action, it probably means these safety sensors are misaligned, and the beam of light is disrupted.

Damaged Electrical Circuits

Faulty wiring, improper installation, and weather conditions such as windstorms or thunderstorms can result in unusual electrical surges and power outages. If you noticed such an event recently, the chances are that the electrical circuits responsible for your garage door opening and closing got damaged. Damages in the electrical panel can be challenging to fix. Therefore, you shouldn’t attempt to do it on your own.

Broken Springs

Garage door springs are another crucial element that has influence or the way your garage door is functioning. If they’re broken, the mechanism malfunctions. In this case, broken springs should be repaired or replaced.

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Possible Solutions

If any of these reasons sound familiar, consider trying out these solutions to see if that fixes the problem:

Change the Code

Technology is, by no means, 100% reliable in all cases. If you haven’t changed the code of your garage doors recently, or maybe even had the same code for years, it’s time to reorganize. 

Set up a new code according to your garage door type and instructions. Make sure the code for the remote matches the one you set for the opener.

Check the Electrical Panel

Your garage door opener should be connected to the electrical panel. First, turn off the breaker or fuse to examine it safely. Then, check the opener wiring and the wall-mounted control for damage. If you notice something is not right, consider replacing it with a new part. However, if you don’t see any damage, you may have to repair or replace the opener itself.

Keep in mind that if you don’t feel comfortable doing the electrical work on your own, it would be best to contact the professionals to assess the situation.

Clean the Garage Door Opener Button

As simple as it may sound, the garage door opener button can get dirty quite easily. As such, it might get stuck in the “pushed” position, which will cause the door to open and close by itself until you get it unstuck. If you notice dirt and debris around the button, clean it, and test it once again. In case there are no problems with the electrical wiring around the button, that should be the end of your issue.

The Bottom Line

Understandably, having a garage door that keeps opening on its own must be annoying. The reasons and solutions mentioned above could fit your case, as they’re among the most popular garage door openers’ issues. Think about your situation and see if any of them apply. However, if you don’t know what to do and don’t feel confident enough to check the electrical panel and run the repairs on your own, contact a team of professionals who can help you.

Author: Julia Łysakowska

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