5 Ways to Spot a Safe Neighborhood

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If you are planning to relocate, there’s no denying that choosing a new neighborhood can be stressful. Let’s be honest, real estate agents aren’t always straightforward about the best areas – often they just want to secure a sale.

If you want to find an ideal home and be safe where you are living, try not to worry. There are plenty of steps that you can follow.

Below we are going to talk about five ways to spot a safe neighborhood.

Good Lighting

Great lighting is always a good indicator of a safe neighborhood. It shows that the area is well maintained, and it can also limit the number of unwanted visitors (nobody wants to break in to a bright location).

Pay attention to what is on the street, like these Signature Streetscapes light poles, as well as how well the other houses are lit. It’s a simple observation that makes a big difference.

Limited Rental Properties

While there is nothing wrong with rental homes it is known that areas with many tend to have higher crime rates. Short-term leases are often targeted since the gardens are unmaintained and the properties can be left empty for some time.

You can find this information by researching the area and nearby streets. You may also be able to spot some signs out the front of homes when driving by.

Kids Playing Outside

Another thing to keep an eye out for when looking at neighborhoods is how many children are playing outside. If you regularly pass by kids on their bikes, or individuals walking down the streets, chances are residents believe it’s safe.

You can also do a quick search to see the crime rate. FBI Crime Data Explorer, AreaVibes, and CityProtect are a few apps that you can use.

Great Local Businesses 

When you’re driving by different places, pay attention to the local businesses, not just the homes. If shops are successful and thriving, it’s a good indicator that the residents living there are financially secure.

If you get the opportunity, visit a few stores and people-watch. It might sound strange at first, but it really will help you understand the area better.

Regular Community Events

Places that host regular community events, such as markets, block parties, and parent groups tend to be rather close. Everybody knows one another, and people like to help out as much as possible.

While you may not be the most social type, this type of community can be great to live in. You always know that your home is being watched, and you can rely on others to assist you if something does go wrong.

Final Words

As you can see, choosing a neighborhood doesn’t have to be such an overwhelming experience. With a bit of research, you can select not only your dream home but your dream community too.

Just make sure that you don’t rush the process. While you might be excited to move, you want to find a location that feels like “home”.

Good luck!

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