6 Ways to Spruce Up Your Home For Spring Time

bright living room

The arrival of spring is a joy after a long, dark, cold winter. With the seasons changing, your home can promote fresher air and a better mood that reflects the colorful new season. You may be someone who enjoys doing a little spring cleaning, but looking around your home, you might notice that it’s time for a change. Here’s how you can spruce up your home for spring. 

Brighten Up 

It’s time to open the windows to let sunlight enter your home and make it feel more open. Even a small room can be transformed with sunlight. To further brighten up your home, you may consider repainting any walls where the color has faded or darkened over time. White walls can make your home seem larger, while darker walls may be more inviting to you depending on your personality. 

Don’t worry, though; your entire house doesn’t have to be bright. The bedroom should be an inviting place that promotes sleep. Now that the days are getting longer, you may have a hard time falling asleep at your usual bedtime. You can reduce the brightness of the sun with blackout curtains that reflect your personal style.    

Perform Minor Repairs 

Maybe during the winter, you were too cozy trying to stay warm to perform minor maintenance to your home. Now that the trees are coming back to life, it’s time your house does, too. You can perform minor plumbing projects around your home all by yourself. The leaky faucet that’s been annoying you every morning can be a thing of the past. 

Similarly, repairing minor cracks yourself can improve the look of your home drastically. Now that you have tons of sunlight in your home, you’ll start to notice little things that might bother you, like broken door handles and unsightly water damage. Luckily, these are all things you can fix yourself or with the help of a friend. 

Add Flowers

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of spring is flowers and nature coming back to life. 

You don’t have to do any minor or major repairs or renovations when sprucing up your home for spring. Instead, you can change the entire atmosphere of your living room or bedroom with a lily flower. Your home doesn’t have to be dark and dreary like it was in February. Instead, use vibrant, fragrant flowers to make your home more inviting and uplifting. 

Floral patterns are also another popular springtime trend. While adding live flowers to your home can create an entirely new atmosphere, using floral print can also bring springtime into your home. You might try some floral curtains or floral printed throw blankets for your sofa. 

Spring Clean

Winter is a season most people spend warm under blankets, not worrying about the condition of their home as much as they do during more active seasons. Spring cleaning is a common activity because it’s the perfect time to get rid of any unwanted clothing, furniture, and household items that you no longer want or need. 


While you’re washing your windows as part of your spring cleaning to ensure that the sunlight comes in, you may take a look around and find that even though your home is clean, it’s cluttered. Spring is the perfect time to reorganize your clothes with closet organizers that can help you organize all of your clothing without the need to donate those that no longer fit in your dresser. 


Accessories that most people don’t even consider, like hand towels in your bathroom or pillows on your sofa, can make a huge impact on your home’s overall appearance. With the start of the new season, you can get new accessories that are out of style or could better reflect a sunnier, warmer season. Even something like covering your old flooring or carpets with a new rug can make a difference. 

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