7 Best Tips to Spruce Up Your Bathroom

bathroom plant

A bathroom is an important utilitarian area of the house, second only to the kitchen. However, one has to strike a balance between functionality and aesthetics, which makes designing a bathroom quite challenging. Most washrooms are small, so the space restrictions add to the challenge. 

Each accessory you use in the washroom must be useful and look good. Otherwise, your bathroom will be full of beautiful-looking accessories but will not be as functional. 

The bathroom fittings that you use, from heated towel rails to storage cabinets, must follow a similar design theme to increase the visual appeal of the washroom. 

So, if you are looking to spruce up your bathroom, here are the best seven decorating tips that will help you. 

Get an indoor tree or plant

An indoor plant will not only break the colour scheme by adding the contrasting green colour in the space, but it will also provide you with fresh air. Consider using a small palm tree or small indoor plants and your washroom’s storage space. You can choose the pot for these plants as per the overall colour scheme of the washroom. 

If you just want to use the plant for its looks, you can buy fake planters. 

Use pendant light

If your bathroom has high ceilings, using pendant lights that come down will enhance the looks of the washroom, and it will further elongate the ceiling and make the bathroom look royal. 

If your bathroom has brass hardware fitting, consider choosing the pendant light in a brass finish. 

Use wallpaper

If you are on a budget for the renovation, you can cover half the washroom walls using wallpaper. 

It comes in various designs and patterns. You can use them to cover half of the square footage at a fraction of the cost. 

You would save money in buying and applying the tiles, but you will also get to select a wallpaper from various options. 

One can buy a simple textured wallpaper for a jungle theme wallpaper. 

Use heated towel racks

Many people don’t have ample space in their washroom to hang their towels; a towel rack that can be installed on the wall saves you space while being functional. 

So, heated towel rails are a functional piece that will keep your towels heated for use after a bath. These towel rails will make your washroom look luxurious and even feel luxurious. By adding a heated towel rack or rail in your bathroom, you will get to choose a fresh-feeling towel every time. Not only does the heat dry your towel, but it will make the towel feel soft against your skin. 

Towel racks come in various colours, sizes, and finishes. Depending upon the overall style and colour scheme of your bathroom, you will be able to find the best towel rack for your washroom. 

Use a contrasting shower curtain

A shower curtain in a washroom takes up a lot of areas, so choosing a well-designed curtain is essential. 

Consider choosing a shower curtain with contrasting colours and a bold design to spruce up the looks of your bathroom. 

A shower curtain with geometric design, shapes, textures, abstract design or pop art will make the bathroom look more appealing. 

Add a magazine holder

If you like to read while using the bathroom, you must add a magazine holder near the water closet, and it will serve as a great accessory to store your favourite magazine or books. 

Consider buying a metal frame magazine holder. 

Use storage wisely

If the bathroom’s size is small, consider using wall-hung or floating shelves or vanities. This helps you save the much-needed floor space while providing storage space. 

These are some essential decorating tips that you can follow to spruce up your washroom. By following these tips, you can improve the aesthetics and utility of the space. 

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