7 Ideas for a Small Bathroom on a Budget

small bathroom

A small bathroom can feel cramped and unwelcoming, making it hard to find the motivation to spend time in it beyond brushing your teeth and taking a shower. Here are seven great small bathroom design ideas to help you create a space that’s both comfortable and beautiful, even on a budget.

If you’re hoping to make your cloakroom look more luxurious but aren’t quite sure how, start by taking advantage of our luxury cloakroom ideas. Look for discounts on bidets or toilet additions that can make your bathroom feel more expensive without breaking your budget. Of course, not all upgrades will work out – some might actually make your space feel smaller than it is – but many times, even small changes can have big effects. Enjoying luxury at any price point is just a matter of knowing where to look and what to avoid.

1) Get rid of the bath

Most bathrooms are small because they are fitted with an enormous bath or shower. If you’re designing a small bathroom, and it only has room for one basin, why fill up space with something you’ll only use once in a while? If you have no intention of taking baths regularly, remove it and put that extra space to better use. 

If you can’t face giving up your bath for good, consider a smaller-sized tub instead. There are some great half and ¾-sized baths on the market, so you can still relax in a warm bubble bath at the end of the day while making the most of the space in your bathroom! 

2) Add a pedestal sink

Smaller spaces can benefit from smaller versions of common fixtures. If you want to incorporate a pedestal sink into your space, look for one that’s 24 inches or less in width; they’re easier to clean and often take up less floor space than traditional sinks. 

3) Move your toilet

How many of us have shared a small bathroom with our roommates or children? Even if you have your own bathroom, maybe you still don’t have much space to work with. One problem that many of us face is how to fit two people into such a tiny space in order to get ready in the morning. 

If your bathroom is small and you are limited by design, consider placing your toilet in the corner so that there is enough room for the sink and shower. Having the toilet in the middle of the wall can lead to wasted space on either side.

4) Get a shower screen

If you have a small bathroom, it’s difficult to make it feel larger. However, one way to do that is by opening up part of your bathroom. Having a shower screen that has doors or even a full enclosure will give you less room in your bathroom and make it feel more cramped.

Instead, a more open shower with just one panel to prevent water from escaping can really open up your bathroom. A floor-to-ceiling glass panel will give you the illusion of more space rather than a brightly colored shower curtain. Or, if you really want to open things up, consider a wetroom, although you’ll have to be careful to avoid slips in a space like this.

5) Storage

Our tiny bathroom is often stacked with products and clothes – it might even be overflowing! When something doesn’t fit where it usually does, we have to put it somewhere else, which leads to clutter. Looking at your cabinets from an outside perspective helps you see what you don’t use often; if something doesn’t fit anywhere else, consider getting rid of it or moving it downstairs to maximize your space.

In other words, only keep what you really need in the bathroom. Make sure you have enough storage space to keep everything – items lying around on the floor and around the sink area will look cluttered rather than clean and tidy.

6) Accessorize

The bathroom is probably one of the smallest rooms in your home, so get creative with space. A small area like an ensuite can still look stylish and organized if you use mirrors to reflect light and choose a color scheme effectively. After all, what better way to make it seem bigger than by making it look brighter? 

Hang a pretty framed picture or two—or even three—to complete your new-and-improved small bathroom! Don’t go overboard, but a few minimalist pieces can help give the illusion of space while still adding a touch of class to your small bathroom.

7) Add floor-to-ceiling storage

Floor-to-ceiling storage can be added in a number of ways, from floating shelves to extra built-in cabinets. Look for wide spaces (like behind your toilet) and remove any unnecessary items (like extra towels or bathroom supplies) that aren’t in use. It’s also smart to think about what you’ll need to store as you go forward. If you have plans to get married, have kids, or purchase any big items that won’t fit under your sink—think about adding space now so it doesn’t feel cramped in the future.

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