8 Costly Mistakes to Avoid When Building Your Home

mistakes to avoid when building new home

Building a home is so involving and can get overwhelming with time. You are therefore likely to miss some crucial details which are disastrous for your project.

These are the mistakes to avoid when building your home:

1. Poor Overall Planning

If you are looking to build a home that fits your needs, you cannot forgo planning. Factor in all the considerations like how long you intend to stay in the house, your family size and lifestyle. All the features of your home must resonate with your goals and lifestyle.

2. Wrong Location

Location is one of the most important considerations when building your home. When you end up in an incorrect area, you set up yourself for stress from criminal activities, lack of amenities and a generally lousy place to stay. The wrong location would also make it harder to sell the home later on. 

3. Making Big Purchases During Construction

Anyone can fall to impulse from time to time. Otherwise, your home construction period requires the utmost financial discipline. By splurging a massive amount of money on purchases like a car, you strain your cash flow hence the likelihood of falling short on your building project. Having several big projects running at the same can also lead to a lot of debt that hurts your credit score. 

4. Poor Space Management

One of the mistake most homeowners believes that they need all amenities. They end up with crammed places without proper movement spaces. Before you decide on including the additional wardrobes and other facilities, consider if your home is big enough. Feel free to start small. You can still opt for changes like kitchen design and renovations later for home improvement. 

5. Failing to Review your Contractor’s credentials

A home is a valuable investment that requires you to work with a qualified and experienced contractor. If you fail to review your contractor’s credentials, you are likely to end up with a poorly constructed home. Also, do not choose a contractor only because they charge you lower. Do not compromise quality for the price.

6. Poor Lighting

Proper lighting in your home helps in improving its value and the aesthetic effect. Use appropriate lighting fixtures in all the rooms. To ensure enough natural light intake, install huge windows. Even though the bigger windows are a little costly, they are worth it. The more the light, the more comfortable and welcoming your home looks. 

7. Wrong Room Allocation 

The main reason to work with an experienced house planner is to help you place every room in the home. Improper room allocation leads to a lifetime of confusion and inconvenience. For example, putting your kitchen at a further point from the entrance means you have to move your shopping across the other rooms. Generally, some rooms must be close to each other. The dining needs to be nearer to the kitchen just like a bathroom in or next to the bedroom. 

8. Skipping Home Inspection

It does not make sense to build a beautiful home only to end up with an inhabitable construction. Invest in a certified home inspector to identify and resolve any issues before you occupy the home. 

9. Failure to Watch your Spending

The main reason to have a plan in the first place is to keep abreast of all the developments. Watch your spending to see if there is a need for adjustments or any arising issues.


Building your home is not a straightforward DIY project. You need to plan and work with an experienced contractor. Whatever, you do, pay attention to details when building.

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