Adding a Designer Touch to Your Home (Without Major Renovation)

revamp your home

We all crave the comforting sight and ambiance of a cozy home. But while there are people who are blessed with the time and energy – not to mention the money – to carry out a significant home renovation whenever they feel like, some have to make do with DIY or low-cost projects to give our space a makeover. 

If you’re in the group that wants to bypass the messy and rather costly overhauls, let the creative juices flow and opt for no-fuzz and straightforward tasks, like updating your window treatments and putting vertical blinds or adding pretty planters in selected areas of your home. Here are seven more easy ways in which you can add a modern designer touch to your own living space:

Tidy up 

According to Japanese consultant Marie Kondo, the art of tidying up is all about letting go of pieces in your home that no longer spark joy. Start decluttering by letting go of the small stuff, like clothing that doesn’t fit, and then rummage through your stuff in the attic, basement, kitchen, living room, and so on. 

You may find it hard to give up your stuff, especially those that hold sentimental value, but you’ll feel lighter, better, and more comfortable in your home once you see the result.

Let the Light in

A well-lit space is what makes a home inviting and pleasing to the eyes. For starters, you can replace your window treatment to control how much light gets in during the day. If you have large windows or doors, opt for vertical blinds. 

Try replacing your static light bulbs with dimmable lights so you can switch the light whenever you want. You can also add lighting fixtures to brighten dark corners and accentuate specific spots.

Paint the Walls

For homeowners who would like to brighten up their space but lack the creative instinct, updating the walls with a fresh coat of paint is always a great idea. To instantly add a wow factor without putting too much thought about the color coordination of your walls and furniture, opt for a classic white for a modern minimalist theme. This color never goes out of style – it speaks sophistication and cleanliness, which are things you must achieve if you want a modern designer home.

Rearrange the Furniture

Don’t worry if you’re not as savvy as interior designers when it comes to rearranging your furniture. After all, interior design is a form of art, so it’s pretty subjective. Keep switching up the placement until you’re fully satisfied with the result. 

Remember that the goal goes beyond the aesthetic; your setup also has to be functional. If that couch on the corner looks Instagram-worthy, but you know you would rarely use it on that spot, let go of it and settle for a setup that combines both aesthetic and function.

Go Green

It’s no secret that putting potted live plants as table centerpieces can produce a natural, therapeutic, and relaxed vibe in any room. Indoor plants don’t only boost spaces; they are also good for physical and mental health. The more plants there are in your space, the better. To improve health and reduce health issues, experts recommend placing one large plant about every 129 square feet. To purify the air, place one large plant every 100 square feet.  

Giving your home a makeover does not need to be expensive. By following the above tips, you can save money on major renovation and boost your property’s curb appeal without too much fuss. 

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