How to transform your bedroom into a sanctuary

sanctuary bedroom

Its the place where you hide away from the world at the end of a long day, where you strip off the day and relax, the place where you hope to recharge your batteries before going out and doing it all again. It’s a place you really need to be peaceful in these stressful rushed times. It’s your bedroom and why not make it into a sanctuary you look forward to coming home to. While there are countless significant reasons you should consider investing the time and effort required to transform your sleep environment into the ultimate calming sanctuary, here are a few factors you should consider.

Perfecting The Atmosphere

Awakening your senses brings you into the present moment and is known to distract the mind from worry. Choose bedding and pillows for your room that feel cuddly and comforting and include nature in the way of plants, rocks, and crystals. Ensure your room is a comfortable temperature and get rid of bright lights and super bright colour themes. Perhaps getting some blackout curtains would improve the quality of your sleep, as would the addition of white noise. 

In spite of its name, white noise is a noise that your ear and brain might not even notice consciously. It is usually a continuous low sound and is really very helpful at calming down the mind and masking out noises that disturb your sleep, like barking dogs, a loud TV or music or people talking. A great example of healthful white noise is a wall fountain for indoors. If you don’t have one of these, this addition to your life could really change your energy levels forever! In addition to their white noise function, they also provide healthy levels of humidity and purify the air, release negative ions which are really good for your health, help prevent and shorten colds and flu and of course, they always look amazing in big or small spaces.

Comfort Through Scents

Calming, pleasant scents will also enhance your bedroom-sanctuary, setting the mood for a relaxing space. Science has finally come to the party when it comes to showing that aromas like lavender and jasmine relax and calm the body and mind. An electric diffuser works well and is safer than a candle and is a good investment for your personal sanctuary. Do some experimenting with essential oils to discover your favourites and turn your bedroom into a place you look forward to being in.

General Appeal

In terms of the items you keep in your room, you should reserve the space only for self-care or sleeping and leave all work-related stuff and electronics out of the room. Eliminate clutter and remove literally everything that you don’t love. You should only keep things that have positive energy attached. Get rid of anything connected to negative people, bad memories and things that stimulate too much thinking for you. Our external physical space is often a very accurate mirror of our internal space. Therefore choose whatever will create joy, inspire you and energize you!

Basic Essentials

While many opt for colourful bedroom designs and incorporate playful patterns, this is definitely not recommended when creating a bedroom that promotes quality sleep. Rather than focusing on fun designs and bold colours, you should focus on neutral tones and quality fabrics. Your bedroom should be your own personal sanctuary and, therefore, you should not be decorating for anyone other than yourself. Your mattress should also be a top-quality choice as poor quality beds are most often behind lack of sleep as well as sleep disturbances. In addition to this, you should invest in quality thick blackout curtains to ensure no light is able to keep you from sheer relaxation and genuine quality sleep.

You won’t regret investing some time, energy and money in revamping your bedroom into a tranquil sanctuary. You can then retreat into your own custom world where you could spend more time breathing, reading, resting, taking care of yourself and of course dreaming about all the good things you still want to attract into your life. Regardless of the size or amount of space you have to work within your bedroom, you will be able to transform your bedroom into the most peaceful retreat where you will be able to escape the chaotic craziness of general day to day life. The benefits will be well worth the effort once you start to notice how your sleep quality increases all while your stress levels slowly diminish. 

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