Aether’s Cone speaker ‘fathoms’ your music preference, and plays it

aether cone speaker

What happens when the best brains from major companies like Apple, Google, Skype and Nokia come together to contrive their own device? Well, the answer is – the Cone happens. A ‘smart’ speaker system from start-up Aether, the Cone has the special ability to ‘understand’ your choice of music, and play it accordingly.

In its core embodiment, the system is designed as a small wireless speaker that functions without the requirement of any other paired device like your phone or computer. Baffled? Well, the Cone will comprise of its own music streaming hardware that can connect to your home WiFi network and accesses your choice of music service.

So what about its smart acknowledgment of our favorite music, you ask? In that regard, the speaker mechanism will utilize what is termed as machine learning software. On accessing and processing the listening history and stars (each composition receives) from the music services, the device will be able to comprehend your preferences in music, and accordingly play the tunes. All the user needs to do is activate a single button, and the speaker would go through its ‘organic’ playlist.

As for the conventional usage pattern, the Cone boasts of a speaker grille interface that is very responsive to touch. On slight twisting to the right, it changes the song, while a tepid twist to the left replays the previous song. Interestingly, the designers have seriously upped the ante when it comes to the speaker’s frenetic audio playing capacity. If you give the interface a hard crank, the system perceives your vigorous motion, and plays an equally heart-thumping music composition.

Additional features will include a substantial 8 hour battery life and the ability to connect to a regular outlet. And, lastly we are not too sure about the compatible music services that could sync up with the Cone speaker system. In any case, we will find it out sooner than later, with the device expected to make its commercial debut by summer with a retail price of $399.

You can reserve one of your own Cone speaker by following the product page.

Via: PCMag

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