Julia Kononenko’s ‘2 IN 1’ faucet functions as a shower and a sink


Previously, we were seriously impressed by Julia Kononenko’s Convertible Sofa. And, now the Ukrainian designer is back with another one of her space saving contrivances, this time catering to bathrooms. Christened simply as the 2 IN 1, the nifty system combines the purposes of both a shower and a sink.

As the name suggests, the focal point of the simplistic assembly is the rotating faucet. This faucet mechanism acts as a showerhead (situated at an upper level) during times you need to take a bath. However, the users can also change the position of the faucet by moving it at an right angle with the wall-installed pivot base. One can then lock it at a lower level corresponding to the basin and voila; the faucet then functions as a full fledged sink!


As we can comprehend from the images, the entire 2 IN 1 setup would require a customized installation in your bathroom. But surely it will be worth the time and investment because of the design’s inherent spatial efficiency tailored to tiny apartments and housing units. Moreover, the system will (theoretically) account for a unitary water supply pipe that feeds into the single faucet, thus saving money on plumbing.

Now, as far as the commercial applications are concerned, the 2 IN 1 is still in its conceptual stage. Of course, we would like the innovative contrivance to see the light of the day, especially with the ongoing revolution of compact housing solutions that challenge the conventional habitation norms.


Via: GadgetReview

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