A Brief Guide on Black Orchids and How to Grow Them Properly

black orchid

Scientifically known as the ‘Oncidium atropurpureum,’ Black Orchid is a stunning flower. And like all black or dark-colored flowers, these exotic flowers carry varying symbolism. Therefore, Black Orchid meaning differs from culture to culture. 

The flower indeed looks unique, considering that black color flowers are rare. The fan-shaped petals with a yellow lip and dorsal increase its appeal. As a result, the appearance of the flower makes everyone marvel at its exotic looks.

Are you fascinated with Black Orchids and are looking to grow them? Here is everything you need to know about growing these flowers.

What Do Black Orchids Symbolize?

The significance of the flower can be drawn from many legendary tales and mythologies. It is often regarded as a mysterious flower with unusual beauty. For example, people used to relate the Black Orchids with wizardry and witchcraft. 

Here are some instances of how the different cultures have perceived Black Orchids.

  • Black Orchids are banned from planting at home in Chinese mythology and culture. They believe that the flower represents pain, despair, and rebirth.
  • Black Orchid is famous for symbolizing sadness, death, and misery in French culture.
  • Conversely, the Black Orchid meaning in Latin America is quite different. Latin Americans believe that Black Orchids represent peace and solitude.

What is the ideal soil for growing Black Orchids?

People growing orchids know that these plants are epiphytic. Although they are not parasitic or symbiotic plants, orchids grow on trees. Therefore, you should avoid planting them directly in the soil. 

The ideal thing is to keep its bark along with pumice or perlite. This way, the plant will have enough room to breathe and will also be able to trap and hold moisture to thrive better.

How much should you water your plant?

Orchids have bulbous roots. Such roots hold water and nutrients both for their growing season and the dormant period. So, watering just twice or thrice a week is enough during its growing seasons like spring and summer. 

However, ensure that you avoid overwatering your plant because the orchid might start rotting. Sometimes, overwatering makes the leaves turn yellow, and they begin to shed. It would be best to stop overwatering in such cases and during the dormant winter months.

How much sunlight is essential for these orchids?

Medium sunlight is most suitable for Black Orchids. Never keep them under direct sunlight because the heat can burn the plant’s leaves and flowers. However, during its growing season, the needs of the plant are slightly different. You might have to keep the plant close to your windows. Indirect and partial sunlight will help your Black Orchid grow and bloom to its fullest.


There are different species of Black Orchid flowers, each with its own set of characteristics and needs. If you want to grow Black Orchids, you should know about your plant to take its proper care. The only rule that is typical for all varieties of Black Orchids is that you should never be kept under direct sunlight.

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