Animal Creative elk bookcase can be the imposing centerpiece of our living room decor

Animal Creative elk bookcase_1

‘Animal shelves’ make for way better designs than animal trophies, at least in terms of practicality. The above pictured Animal Creative elk bookcase exhibits this advantage with its visual flair and segmented structure – an apt combination of aesthetics and usability.

On closer inspection, we can make out the three compartments in the belly region of the majestic specimen. This is presumably the main showcasing area where you can keep your books, small objects and eye-catching novelty items. And, if you think the space is too small, worry not – the upper portion (above the belly) also boasts of a table-like surface that can be used for further exhibition of your souvenirs, decorative pieces and other trinkets.

The entire structure of the Animal Creative elk bookcase is crafted from ‘fraxinus mandshurica‘ (or Manchurian Ash), which is known for its durability and sturdiness. This imposing scale is visually complemented by the essence of continuity – displayed by the array of slats that mimic the dividers of the centrally located shelving space. In other words, the entire furniture unit is certainly worthy to be the focal point of your living room.

Animal Creative elk bookcase_2 Animal Creative elk bookcase_3 Animal Creative elk bookcase_4 Animal Creative elk bookcase_5 Animal Creative elk bookcase_6

Via: TrendHunter

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