Bed Ideas LED lamp helps you to pen your ideas during late nights

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What an idea for jotting down brilliant ideas! Portuguese Studio Apicula has created a lamp whose specific task is to help you during those creative or utterly frustrating insomnia sessions.

Christened aptly as the ‘Bed Ideas’, the light will come in handy when you come across the proverbial gold mine of an idea or flurry of ideas, just before you go into deep sleep.

In most of our conventional cases, if and when you come across a really innovative idea during wee hours (just before sleep is actually a good time to have ideas), you are too tired to remember it. This is because the tentacles of sleep already snatch away your waking level of consciousness.

However, the Bed Ideas showcases a really simple design in the form of hidden LEDs and writing pad. This makes it easier for the user to use the lamp, even when he/she is feeling sleepy.

You can keep the Bed Ideas close to yourself in a bed stand. So, when you have an idea, and also feel like sleep taking over you, just snatch the lamp and switch it on by pulling the cord. Crafted from white beech plywood, the LEDs are unobtrusively arranged around the inside edge of bulb outline.

Consequently, even if you are feeling groggy, the flush of light in the middle of the night would shoo away those invading forces of slumber. Additionally, a strip of fabric (made from burrel) safely holds on to your pen and writing pad, which gives you instant access to writing material.

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Via: Apicula / Designtaxi

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