Bloc’d Sofa allows you to create your own version of a sofa

blocd sofa by scott jones

We have finally come across a sofa that gives wings to your long repressed building skills. Christened quite unpretentiously as the Bloc’d Sofa, the modular conception designed by Scott Jones, can be rearranged in myriad of ways to suit your preference and purpose.

The scope is pretty simple – the conception comprises of foam cushion blocks and a stable wooden support (maple reinforced with steel) that acts their slot. So, all that the user needs to do is place those blocks in the wooden frame to arrange their ‘personal’ kind of seat.

The options are many; ranging from traditional sofa, resting mattress to even exotic stuff like a chaise lounge. The design can also be divided into smaller seats for those nightly marathon movie sessions with your loved one.

The best part about the Bloc’d Sofa is surely the stability provided by the solid wooden frame. In other words, you don’t have worry about the structural integrity of your creation.

Of course, the ingeniousness doesn’t cover the unfortunate incidences where many a chip can fall through those chasms between the blocks. But I am sure, many of us could work through that by the help of modern day vacuum cleaners such as these.

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