Burak Kocak’s Herb Sofa entices us with its collective structure

Herb Sofa by Burak Kocak_1

Upon returning home after a hard’s days work, most of us tend to find our ever trusty couch to be the apt sanctuary to jump into. However, in spite of such snug credentials, the core design of a couch has unfortunately not evolved in tune with its ‘primal’ function. But as always, innovation rears its fortuitous head – Milan-based student (and designer) Burak Kocak seeks to change the complacent design trend with his innovative Herb sofa.

As we can make out from the images, the Herb sofa is envisaged as a collective unit that goes beyond the confines of just a couch. In this regard, the furniture is flanked by two storage systems on both sides. The right side storage unit (from the couch’s sitting position) is higher, and interestingly incorporates a projecting lamp mechanism to focus on your reading endeavors. The left side storage space complements this setup with a special pocket for keeping your favorite indoor plant.

Structurally, the entire couch with its storage units remarkably form a singular furniture component. This is achieved with the main seat being supported by an expansive wooden base that connects the shelves.

So design-wise, the Herb sofa alludes to an unified arrangement with its multi-purpose features. The scope of cumulative functionality is further bolstered by a simple aesthetic appeal that would go well with any living room.

Herb Sofa by Burak Kocak_2 Herb Sofa by Burak Kocak_3 Herb Sofa by Burak Kocak_4 Herb Sofa by Burak Kocak_5 Herb Sofa by Burak Kocak_6 Herb Sofa by Burak Kocak_7 Herb Sofa by Burak Kocak_8 Herb Sofa by Burak Kocak_9

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