Can you imagine a Christmas Jumper that you can actually eat?

EDIBLE Christmas jumper_1

Well, this season there is a special jumper created by renowned baker. A Christmas jumper that you can actually consume is the first of its kind on the planet for sure. It features sparkling snowflakes, patterns and of course a reindeer, all-edible.

The delicious red nose of the chocolaty reindeer lies in the center of the torso, also being the center of attraction. The green, red and the white colors in addition to the chocolate reindeer make the jumper attractive enough to catch everyone’s attention.

Ordered by the world-renowned bakery brand Dr Oetker, the customized jumper is at display in their Leeds office. Juliet Sear put 50 hours for creating this mouthwatering Christmas attraction. The jumper was created in two parts and then molded together to take the final shape. Juliet’s daughter Lydia tried it on and was overwhelmed by the idea.

An enormous amount of effort has gone in preparing the 44 pound jumper. More than 6 ½ pounds of ginger bread was used as the base. Other ingredients include 22 pounds of icing, 11 pounds of marzipan and 2.2 pounds of chocolate.

Juliet has created fancy stuff for celebrities like Philip Schofield, Alexa Chung and not to forget, Prince Harry. Juliet exclaims that this is the most exciting thing she has ever done. She was all excited throughout and enjoyed every bit of the process.

Seeing this edible jumper, the Christmas spirit seems sky high. So, we have seen a huge variety of fancy cakes but this special creation steals all the lime light.

edible Christmas jumper_2

edible Christmas jumper_3

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