VW Beetle ‘Herbie’ bar designed to add vintage charm to your parties at home

If you have a penchant for vintage cars and for designs and features that could add fun and class to your home, you are just going to fall for this design. The VW Beetle pop up bar designed by Deutschland-based Kozma Design Manufacturing Company is adept at adding the stately and the funky appeal to your home altogether.

This classy home bar is a reproduction of the original sized car boot of the 1963 Volkswagen Beetle ‘Herbie.’ While it is closed, it looks like impressive automotive-inspired furniture, you see a beautiful and shining white VW car boot with all the same details as you can see in the original car model.

It seems as if the vintage VW Beetle sports car is parked in your room’s corner. The number plate, taillights, detailing in white, blue and red color, chrome bumper and exhaust pipes make it appear so real and it is only once you open the lid that this stylish bar shows what it actually is.

You open the lid and there you have a super classy bar awaiting you and your guests. The stunning interior of the VW Beetle ‘Herbie’ bar is decked up with mirrors, which make the bar look gorgeous and displays your expensive liquor collection well.

The bar has ample of space, just as it is in the VW Beetle car boot. The sleek glasstop you see on the top, you can use it to display your latest liquor collection, or use it to make and serve drinks to your guests.

Bring it home and make your home parties all the more happening with this gorgeous and sophisticated home bar. You and your guests will simply love to have drinks at the super stylish VW Beetle ‘Herbie’ vintage styled home bar.

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