Chui doorbell makes use of facial recognition to notify you about guests

Chui Doorbell

We have had our fun with doorbells making Mario coin-collecting noises and even doorbells specially made for dogs. However this time around, the seriousness is amped up with the Chui ‘smart’ doorbell. Envisaged as a home security device, the contraption utilizes advanced facial recognition technology to alert the homeowner about the friendly/unfriendly guest.

When the doorbell rings, the Chui automatically sends a notifying email to the user, who is presumably inside the safety of the house. The images (of the guests) snapped by the device are deposited in a web-based application for streamlining the recognition pattern; so that you can add your friends and family members to the list. Moreover, you can also customize messages and other settings for those scenarios when you are outside your house or don’t feel like answering the door.

Chui Doorbell

But the greatest feature of the Chui doorbell would arguably be its syncing up ability with other smart devices. For example, if the doorbell is connected to a WiFi enabled door lock, users can easily let in their guests on a remote basis. One can also take the interesting visual route by assigning smart light bulbs to the individual guests, which shows variant lightning effects inside your house for different people outside your door.  This ambit of syncing goes further beyond lights and locks, to connect even with other smart home appliances.

Finally, coming to the commercial side of affairs – the Chui has had its successful crowd funded campaign, with over $45,000 raised out of $30,000 goal. And, you can pre-order your device for a price of $199 from the product page.

Via: Geeky-Gadgets

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