Closse Residence gets a makeover with modern twist

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You can give an old house a brand new look with some creative décor and architectural techniques. The recent proof of this is the Closse Residence that just got a face-lift. Originally built in 1960s following the trends and architectural fashions of that time, the house used to look like any other well-decorated south shore house of Montreal.

For 50 years the house received no attention whatsoever in terms of reconstruction. Before the interior re-organization, the house did not have ways for natural light. The central stairway was surrounded by closed rooms, making the house look and feel suffocating.

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The first change made to the house was opening up the south facade with the help of glazed patio doors. The removal of the old partitions or rather barriers changed the mood of the house, as natural light started flooding the living space. Replacing the old staircase with a new one, made using maple veneer, hot rolled steel and frosted glass, the refurbished house extends the central island of the kitchen by 2.4 meters to transform it into a dining table. Combining the cooking the dining area, the central island gives the home a modern and urban look.

Two huge, pivoting glass doors at the entryway keep the rooms warm during the winter season. Replacing the windows with new ones, the house features a stone fireplace that has been restored with care to complement the modifications. Integrating a new dormer to the roof of the house with two bathrooms at second floor, the architects have managed to give an ultra modern twist to the whole construction. Sensible use of space and modern elements have made the Closse Residence look more elegant and sophisticated than before.

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