Cumulus Parasol: A personal ‘cloud’ to shield you from the unforgiving sun

Solar powered Cumulus Parasol umbrella

We have had our share of umbrellas that light up and even umbrellas that play their music. But the realm of quirkiness has yet again thrown a curved ball, and as a result we have stumbled across the Cumulus Parasol, a parasol that wondrously transforms into your personalized shading cloud.

Designed by Dutch studio Toer, the contrivance has the remarkable ability to inflate into a cloud-like form when the effulgent sun rears its hot head. This is done with the integration of a few solar panels that pick up on the sun’s energy, and consequently activate a built-in fan mechanism. This switched-on fan in turn helps in the inflating action, thus resulting in an automated system that doesn’t require manual aid.

The usability factor is also taken into consideration with a dedicated switch that always keeps the fan off, so that your dainty umbrella doesn’t embarrassingly blow up during every session of sunshine. Additionally, the structural arrangement of the contraption is touted to be streamlined to counter those morning breezes even when the shade is inflated.

The materials used for the Cumulus Parasol bolster its hardy credentials, with durable nylon making up the fabric component and a special silicon coating accounting for the water resistance. Unfortunately, the umbrella with its debut exhibition at the Milan Design Week 2014, has still not passed the commercial threshold to be available to us summer-haters. But then again, there is always hope and loads of sunscreen!

Solar powered Cumulus Parasol umbrella_2 Solar powered Cumulus Parasol umbrella_3 Solar powered Cumulus Parasol umbrella_4

Via: Inhabitat

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