Dandy coffee mugs for the grammar aficionados

Dandy coffee mugs for the grammar aficionados

Whether we like it or not, there is a grammar nazi around every corner to rectify, educate and enlighten us. So, we have decided to salvage a nifty gift item from the very depths of the internet that would satiate their voracious appetite for vocabulary. The item we are referring to, is actually a ‘haloed’ coffee mug for grammar aficionados.

Smugly displaying the correct usage of commonly confused words like ‘lose’ and ‘loose’, and the much heralded ‘figuratively’, the mugs do remind us a certain Ted Mosby. So, whether you have a friend with a keen sense of grammar justice, or you like treading the path of a grammar vigilante yourself; these coffee mugs are the perfect accompaniment to those morning caffeine induced sessions.

Price: $65

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