Delsey’s Pluggage brings forth the ‘smartness’ in luggage cases

delsey pluggage

It is not often that we come across portable luggage cases that are chock full of ‘smartness’. However, the Pluggage from Delsey gives (figurative) wings to our traveling hope and scope with its host of handy features that are rarely associated with cumbersome baggage.

To start off proceedings, the luggage case will come with its fingerprint identification system that ditches the ole mechanical locks in favor of personalized security. This is accompanied on the practical level with the incorporation of a battery-powered USB port (along the handle) for charging your mobile device on-the-go. Furthermore, the Pluggage also boasts of both internal lighting and a speaker system.

These tangible aspects are complemented by a slew of app-depended features that are mainly tailored to a better luggage carrying experience. In other words, users can access a dedicated Delsey app from their smartphones that gives them various advantages. These include – checking your case’s overall weight on a remote basis; its on-board detection notification when you are traveling in flight; checking the status of the smart lock from a mobile device; and of course weather forecasting, along with trip info.

As for the commercial side of affairs, the luggage case is still in its prototype stage, with the variant aforementioned features expected to be fully integrated on voting from the users. So, if you are sufficiently enticed by the thought of having a smart travel companion, check the products below:

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