DIYer shows the step-by-step process of building a pantry inside a compact kitchen space

A kitchen by virtue of its daily used nature should be spatially efficient. But unfortunately for many of us, there is always that dastardly corner space that stands out obtrusively without fulfilling any true function.

Well, Imgur user CastleSeven has a DIY solution to that – in the form of a newly built pantry that effectively encompasses such a small space, while also endowing it with a useful purpose.

Building pantry inside kitchen space_1

As we can make out from the above image, the 42-inches x 25-inches x 8 ft (around 58 cubic ft) volume was underutilized, and hence it was decided to the convert the corner space into a usable and easily accessible pantry.

Building pantry inside kitchen space_2

And is usually the first step, the space was prepared for the installation before the addition of facades and walls for the pantry. For this the DIYer had to remove a few finishing items like the crown molding (which is usually used for the wall edge of the ceiling), the baseboards and of course the electrical outlets – given the existing wall would be used as a facade for the yet-to-be-built pantry.

Building pantry inside kitchen space_3

Finally, the new wall was setup in place, instead of offsite construction. CastleSeven admitted that the width and the positioning of the wall depended on the dimensions of the access door to the pantry. In essence, one should install the wall in accordance to the door he/she has chosen for the new space.

Building pantry inside kitchen space_4

The DIYer once again made sure that all the outlet connections and wires are pulled out from the back-side of the existing and the newly-installed wall. This is an essential step before commencing with the mounting of the drywall.

Building pantry inside kitchen space_5

Finally, the top section of the wall was built – and once again the header depth was dictated by the type of the door used for the pantry.

So it might vary from person to person, in accordance with the space available for construction and the door type that is purchased for the project. You can follow some of these simple tips when making your purchase.

Building pantry inside kitchen space_6

The above image shows the door being fitted and installed. This can be a time taking process, especially since the ‘fitting’ scope depends upon the condition and the size of the door that one is using.

Building pantry inside kitchen space_7

Once the door was appropriately fitted without any scratch or grazing, it was time to install the casing to the door. You can follow our detailed tutorial on how to easily set and nail the casing upon a door.

Building pantry inside kitchen space_8

After the door was successfully installed, our resourceful DIYer decided give the finishing touches. The drywall work was finally achieved, and then he proceeded on to paint the newly-built facades of the pantry space. You can take a few pointers from this tutorial on how to effectively pant the interior walls.

Building pantry inside kitchen space_9

At last we come to the final step, and that entailed the incorporation of shelves that transforms the blank space into a full fledged pantry unit. In this case, the four neatly arranged shelving units are 20-inches in width – which should be more than enough for most kitchen types.

However, one should also remember to keep this collective storage space clean and uncluttered, and we have a few handy tips that can aid you in this endeavor.

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