Do-Ho Suh’s Specimen Series showcases appliances in polyester fabric

do ho suh specimen series

Korean sculptor and installation artist Do-Ho Suh came to prominence with his various art pieces that allude to the spatial as well as psychological scheme of things. Following this unconventional artistic trend, the designer has unveiled his latest creation in the form of the Specimen Series.

The collection comprises of ‘mundane’ pieces of daily used appliances and fixtures like refrigerators, bathtubs, radiators, kitchen stoves and water closets. However, these sculptural items are uniquely composed of only polyester fabric that endows them with an impeccably ethereal essence.

The polyester fabric is utilized in a such a manner so as to display the internal components of the devices. This sort works like an X ray vision which allows the audience to visually examine and appreciate the details of our commonly used appliances.

For example, in case of the kitchen stove, we can see the knobs, the gas outlets and the oven with all its paraphernalia of heat pipes. Similarly, the water closet shows the components inside the flush mechanism along with the drain outlets beneath the toilet.

The CAD like collection of the Specimen Series is actually conceived as a part of Do-Ho Suh’s upcoming exhibition at Lehmann Maupin in Hong Kong. The exhibition will start from 14th November of this year and run up till 25th January of 2014.

Via: Lehmannmaupin

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