Five Ways to Decorate with Planters


Decorating with plants could not be easier, with only a few things to keep in mind; Size, Style and Function. Planters bring versatility to your yard, allowing you to structure flowers and plants wherever you would like. The height of pots can serve different purposes. 

Take a look around your porch or yard, and you may be surprised at how many ways you can decorate your landscape with a few tall planters. Having a variety of unique planters can take your decor to the next level.

Differentiate with Styles 

If you are the type of person that likes everything to match, then you should go for a set of planters. A great way to make your matching set look interesting to try a variety of contrasting colours. Try mixing and matching your planters in different shapes and sizes and materials and build them all with the same plant to create a cohesive look, a great look for the patio. 

To make more of a statement, try a novelty wheelbarrow planter, this is adorable for the front yard or side garden. If you are hosting an outdoor party, leave your fragile glass vase inside and add fresh cut flowers in a galvanized bucket, they are perfect because they are not too precious or breakable. 

Bigger is Better 

First things first, when it comes to planters bigger is better, creating the illusion of more space in a small area. A taller pot has more room for soil, which means it is going to keep your plants healthy and happy for much longer. Combine two or three different types of flowers to group together, use ferns and grass to fill it and make it look beautiful. You can also purchase large fountains from to add some flare into your outdoor spaces.

Raised Planter Box: Vegetable Garden

One of the best parts of summer is planting vegetable gardens. Apart from the beautiful, natural decoration of a raised garden planter, it is a great way to get the most out of your vegetables by using and controlling what kind of soil you put in. Another added benefit to having a raised planter box is less strain on your back when you are working in your garden, as opposed to kneeling or bending too far forward.

Window Planters

Window planters allow you to have a perfect addition to that unused window space. Adding a window planter to your home or apartment is a great idea. Fill your planter with bright coloured flowers to create an enchanting ambience to the border around how you see the world. Window planters come in various sizes that you can think of and numerous styles including modern, traditional, and Asian.

Bring Definition to your Walkway

If your yard has a plain garden pathway, use tall planters to help define the walkway. Line the whole path with the pot to give it a skirt, formal feel, or space them out at equal intervals along the sidewalk. For a simple but elegant look, set two planters on both sides of the start and end of the path. Place another set of planters opposite one another at the midpoint for added definition.

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