Top 5 Fitted Kitchen Designs for This Season

fitted kitchen design

A kitchen renovation brings refreshing vibes in the living space. According to the findings, more homeowners are looking forward to redecorating their kitchens for a contemporary touch. An average UK citizen spends about 3000 GBP to 8000 GBP in renovating their fitted kitchen.

The maximum allocation of the renovation budget goes to kitchen cabinets; it is about 30%. The kitchen appliances and countertops have a distribution of 14% and 10%, respectively.

The designer trends and colourful hues complement a fitted kitchen. Some age-old styles are still in fashion, and you need to add a modular finishing to your kitchen. If you have plans to redesign your kitchen, check the following top fitted kitchen designs first.

Open Shelves and Glass Cabinets

Larder style cabinetry is a traditional kitchen design, but with a slightly modern touch and soft-light fittings, you can change the look of this fitted kitchen. Open shelves and glass covering doors are not just trendy, but they also give a charming appeal to the overall décor.

With the ease of accessibility to dry food storage in a larder and visibility through glass door cabinets, the cooking experience is exhilarated. You must try out this blended old and modern design to your fitted kitchens to accentuate the homely feeling.

Shaker Style Kitchen with Solid Wood

The woody appeal and cooking aroma in the kitchen is what is expected in today’s times. Shaker style is a traditional method of redesigning your kitchen, but with solid wood and full grain effect, it will enhance the décor.

Many owners are moving the kitchen cabinets to a lower level to keep the wall spaces open. The open walls make your kitchen look more prominent and will not look jammed. Also, adding full-width hooks and rails to hang crockery or dried herbs in a fitted kitchen are becoming famous in the latest trends.

Handle-less Cabinets with Matt/Gloss Finish

The ultra-modern sleek kitchen design is one of the top trends in 2020. The cabinets with integrated handles and high-gloss design are easy to maintain. If you are looking for a push and open system of drawers, this is the design for you.

The matt finish will embellish your fitted kitchen more convincingly, and the glossy finish will reflect the light to give a more vibrant appeal to your kitchen. Some people also prefer a blended matt/gloss finish to their kitchens, as per their designing choices.

Contrast Tones

There was a time where people used to focus on white and black for their kitchen cabinets. But now the idea of two tones or contrast tones comes with light and dark shades of the same colour. About 22% to 37% of the people in the UK love two-toned fitted kitchens.

A kitchen is a place where you spend the maximum time in cooking your favourite delicacies. So, this space also must be alluring to keep you engaged in your work. Contrast tones are not just with the cabinets and walls. It can be with the worktops, the platform, and the side doors. In some cases, the kitchen flooring and tiles are also in contrast format.

Kitchen Island Offering Convenience

If you have a kitchen with a larger space, you can comfortably accommodate more furniture and tables. An impressive kitchen island is another trend that people have been redoing to simplify their cooking tasks. The tables and kitchen stools in a kitchen island design also add dramatic appeal to the kitchen space.

Your work is more simplified when the appliances and cooktops are organised in a fashion where you can easily access them. The only concern with the kitchen island design is that you should not make the place look clumsy by adding unnecessary fixtures to the kitchen walls and ceiling.

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