Ranking 4 Common Types of Roofing Materials

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There are so many roofing materials on the market that it can be easy to get overwhelmed sometimes, especially when you know little about roofing. However, all roofing materials have their characteristics, and depending on your house, budget, needs, and expectations, some materials might be better than others, while others might need to be avoided completely.

This is why it’s very important that you do your homework before you choose any material to make sure that you pick the perfect one for your home. Here are some of the most common types of roofing materials, and some of the benefits and disadvantages of each.

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt is the most popular roofing material, and it’s easy to see why. First, it’s the most affordable option on the market. It’s also much easier to install compared to other options. You also have asphalt shingles that are mixed with fiberglass or cellulose to make them more durable.

However, before you choose asphalt for your new roof, you have to consider a few things first. For instance, asphalt is not very good for insulation, so they’re not always the best option for cold climates. They are also less durable than most other options and require constant maintenance. An asphalt roof may look like a bargain at first glance, but when you consider that you might have to replace it as often once every 12 to 15 years, you can see how the costs add up.


Metal roofs are growing in popularity and have lots going for them. They could look great depending on your house’s style, and require little maintenance. They’re extremely durable and can deal with any weather. They also have a high solar reflectance, which makes them a great energy efficient solution. The only issue is that they can be expensive, but they’re well worth it in the long run.

Concrete and Clay

Concrete and clay are two more options that are very popular. Clay in particular has tons of benefits and is one of the most esthetically beautiful materials you can find. It’s surprisingly durable as well, and can last over a century in the proper climate and with proper care.

Concrete is another good choice, and it’s a great low-cost alternative to clay. The issue with concrete, however, is that it can get heavy, so you have to first know if your structure will be able to handle it.


Slate is also one of the most beautiful materials on the market. It’s highly durable, comes in a variety of colors and styles, and can handle pretty much anything you throw at it. However, it can also be very heavy, and not all teams will be able to work with slate. The quality of the singles can also vary greatly depending on where it was sourced.

These are some of the most common roofing materials you’ll come across when making your selection. Make sure that you learn as much as you can about every material, and don’t be afraid to ask for second opinions before you make a definite choice.

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