Fresh Air Plus toilet seat comes with automated fan to drive away the ’embarrassing’ odors

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In spite of various highfalutin features that are found in many futuristic specimens of toilet designs, the element of foul odor and putrid ambiance has still not been dealt with effectively (of course along with toilet paper – as the great George Costanza made it clear). That is up till now. The Fresh Air Plus toilet seat literally comes with its breath of ‘fresh air’ by virtue of the mechanism’s built-in fan!

The design goes beyond the makeshift solution of those fragrant ‘toilet purifiers’ that statically deal with the odor for a certain period of time. To that end, the Fresh Air Plus flaunts its dynamic solution in the form of the aforementioned fan that automatically activates after you position yourself upon the water closet.

Fresh Air Plus toilet seat_2

One just has to install the special seat to an existing toilet, connect the rotating fan device with a power outlet and a hose that is linked to an outdoor vent, and voila – the air flow takes away the stink and of course also your embarrassment.

Now traversing the whole scenario of social awkwardness, there is also a practical side to whole equation, as the Fresh Air Plus makes the toilet environment safe in real-time for the next user. And, the great part is – the contrivance will be having its Kickstarter debut in a few days time to make its foray into the commercial realm.

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For more info on the nifty design, do check out its product page.

Via: Designtaxi

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