C-shaped camouflaged single family home touts green credentials

C-shaped  family home Tona Barcelona

Living rooftops with carpets of green have found place on house tops since the ancient times. Once relics of pre-historic age, living roofs are steadily becoming an artistic part of modern home architecture. Case in point this camouflaged single family home in the Plain of Vic in Tona municipality of Barcelona, Spain. Located on 140 m2 plot, the house is just like a bunker, it is opaque to the onlookers on street. You cannot easily make out that there is a house in middle of the lush green view.

Created in C-shaped geometric design, the house seems to unfold onto itself. The façade is covered in greens and looks to merge with the greenery of the plot. This unique-shaped home is designed and created by ON-A in collaboration with ARQUIMA. And, it goes without saying that the almost imperceptible trait of the house is what makes it by-far the most extraordinary.

Interestingly, the compact design and green exteriors of the house helps maximizing energy efficiency. However, at the point of writing, we are unaware of the energy efficient features embedded within the house. Though, glassed sides and back of the house do suggest that it saves a lot on the electricity bill.

C-shaped  family home Tona Barcelona-1

C-shaped  family home Tona Barcelona-2

C-shaped  family home Tona Barcelona-3

C-shaped  family home Tona Barcelona-4

C-shaped  family home Tona Barcelona-5

C-shaped  family home Tona Barcelona-6

C-shaped  family home Tona Barcelona-7

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