Functional Home Changes To Maximize Space And Visual Appeal

maximize space in your home

Whether renting or buying, property prices are steep. It no longer makes no sense to opt for a living space any larger than you need. The preference of smaller living areas rings particularly true for those living in urban areas. The main problem is that a smaller space can feel claustrophobic, but that need not be the case. From bifold internal doors to slide out storage, there are myriad ways you can go about saving space without compromising on visual appeal. 

Visual appeal is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of functional and dynamic living space. It may seem daunting, if not impossible, to do anything other than making pragmatic changes, but we have compiled a list of fun and visually stunning changes you can make to your small home.

Pick A Style 

Before you do anything else, you need to make sure you are settled on an aesthetic you like. A smaller space means that you cannot contrast rooms too much without everything feeling like a disjointed mess. The effect, when done right, is a concise continuity that speaks to your tastes, an aesthetic of which one can be proud.

The second problem a theme should help you avoid is clutter. By deciding on a preset style, you can purchase a few select pieces that reflect your style without accidentally cluttering up your home. Additionally, you should make sure you are settled on a flowing colour scheme that works throughout your vision.

Doubling Up Decor

With a thematic aesthetic and colour scheme in place, you are ready to decide on your decor. The first roadblock you are likely to hit is that of practicality. You may not have the space for both a living room suite and a coffee table. This is where you need to start thinking creatively. There are a ton of great options on the market with smaller spaces in mind.

Any item that can serve a dual purpose is the best approach. Rather than scratching your head over home office desk space and a dining room table, let one surface serve both purposes. Furthermore, have it tuck away or slide into a cabinet to minimize the space it takes up. You get the idea, fewer items serving multiple roles.

Space For The Occasion

Hand in hand with the idea of multi-purpose decor is the idea of creating a multifunctional living space. This goes beyond cleverly disguised countertops, speaking to the ability to transform a room depending on your needs at any given time. Where individual items can serve multiple uses, creating transformable spaces means having an entire room serve more than one purpose.

A Murphy bed and slide out desk can instantly transform your room from bedroom to home office. Your kitchen can be set up to serve as a dining area, your living room as an entertainment area. Whatever you need from your home, you can get it without having to scale up, only by making a couple of smart choices with transformable decor.

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