Four Creative Ways to Transform Your Dining Room

dining room restyling

The modern dining area is more than a place to break bread. It has become an important space for family discussions, entertainment and many now working at home, it has become the office. 

Transforming your dining room can help you to build a space that makes you feel happy, cozy and productive. There are quite a few creative interior updates that you can do to make a big difference. Helping you to build a space to share with your family and friends.

Furniture Facelift

The dining table and chairs are the centrepieces of the room. They set the mood and style and are the heartbeat of the dining experience. If you love your dining table and chairs but think they’re perhaps looking a bit worn and dated, there are loads of things you can do to freshen them up. 

While upcycling your furniture can be as simple as a new coat of lacquer or a lick of paint. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your chairs, paint them a bright colour or reupholster with fresh designs. Mismatching chairs with bold colours or different upholstery can look cool and trendy. 

Much of the art of creating a stylish home is about stopping to consider what you already have and how best to display it. Along with a fresh coat of lacquer, replacing the legs on your dining table can add wonderful character to an old table. Transform your table into a stylish and rustic farmhouse table by adding some trestle table legs. The flared solid wood legs, giving it a chic contemporary finish.

Light Up The Room

Lighting can transform the dining space. Taking it from a bustling workplace in the day to a warm and cosy, family space in the evening. 

Lighting plays an important role in the overall atmosphere of your space. As the dining table is considered the focal part of the dining experience, hanging a statement pendant light helps to highlight the table, setting the mood and creating the perfect ambiance to enjoy a relaxing meal. 

light in dining room

For smaller spaces, using light to highlight the dining room table can also be used to create an illusion of space. Using a fitting that throws light upwards, highlights the ceiling is a way that makes the room seem taller. 

Installing a dimmer can help in making the dining area versatile, allowing you to easily alter the mood. Allowing you to utilise the brighter lights for helping your kids with their homework and the more subtle lighting in the evening when are creating an intimate atmosphere for your friends over for a glass of wine. 

Whether that’s a statement light above a dining table, pretty table lamps brightening up the corners or lighting up the room with candles. Lighting creates atmosphere, giving character to your dining room.

Refresh the Walls

Paint and wallpaper are some of the most simple yet effective tools at your disposal when freshening up your dining area. You will be surprised how different the room can look after applying a fresh coat of paint or after adding some feature wallpaper. 

Colour is a powerful tool, it has the ability to affect our mood, it creates energy and is key in creating an atmosphere. That is why it is important to pick a colour palette that works for your   room. 

Colour can play a big role in making a small room look bigger. If your dining room is quite small and the ceilings are not particularly high, consider painting them white. It will create the illusion of the room being more spacious than it is.  

Creating a statement wall can make a major change with little effort. Choose a bold colour for a rich look or consider a playful pattern. Your home will look transformed by the time it’s all done.


It isn’t always possible to paint the dining room walls, however, there are many ways you can still decorate and give your dining room the makeover it deserves. with these fresh and modern design ideas.

Along with various knick-knacks, vases and flowers, a great way to add colour to the room is with curtains. Print or patterned curtains make a beautiful feature and can add a lot of personality to your dining room. 

Candles are a staple in creating an atmosphere but it’s also worth noting that the scents you choose also affect mood. Infusing scent into your décor with candles or incense changes the overall feeling of a space. 

Art is a great way to brighten up your walls, it gives character and personality to the room. A bright idea is by hanging the art low, it is at eye-level for your guests, this enables them to appreciate it while enjoying their meal.

If you’re short on art, choose a variety of mirrors for your walls instead. Mirrors can help a cozy space feel much brighter and open up the room. Hanging a mirror behind your dining table, allows light to bounce around the space.

Bookshelves are a great idea for open plan living and dining rooms. Not only are they a great tool for decorating, offering more space to display cookbooks and knick-knacks, they also provide some concealed storage for your dining items.

Hide your clutter

With a modern multifunctional dining area, it can be full of paperwork, accessories and books making it feel cluttered and uninviting. Storage in a dining room helps you maximise the space you have, keeping it organised, functional and beautiful.

Built-in storage, large cupboards, sideboards and shelves, are really useful as they allow you to maximise your space while keeping the clutter tucked away, out of view.

If you have limited space, multi-functional furniture with hidden storage is a great way to declutter your dining room and give your space a modern feel. A built-in bench is a great multitasker, offering comfortable seating while acting as an easy way to hide lots of storage.

Don’t be scared to utilise the walls with shelves. Floating shelves take up little room and are both functional and stylish. This is a great way to create space for storage and easy access for items that are often used.

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