Gaona online tool can test and give score to your singing capability

Gaona online singing tool

Many of us may have already grown tired of those singing talent shows, butĀ Mumbai-based start-up Sensibol still sees the fun side of the scope. Managed by a five-team member of technologists who ardently dig music, the company has went on to unveil their Gaona online tool. Gaona (which means ‘please sing along’ in Hindi) literally finds out if you are a good or a bad singer, while also integrating parameters that can improve your voice.

The working scope of the tool remarkably allows the users to record their voice and then mix it with an original background score or a duet. Sound baffling? Well, it isn’t; if you choose your favorite song (or duet) to sing along, the tool can basically restrain the original singer’s voice and replace it with your own.

As for judging your voice, the software extracts the original parameters of the song, like the notes and the pitch used by the professional singer. It then compares those same parameters against your singing voice, and consequently awards you a ‘fair’ score.

Finally, as for the Gaona’s accessibility, users can visit theĀ online Karaoke site – Gaona. There is also a separate Gaona Karaoke mobile app for Android OS. So, bathroom singers, what are you waiting for?

Via: Tech2

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