Grower’s Cup: Disposable coffee bags for enjoying your beverage on the go

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The invention of the innocuous tea bag made the preparation of the beverage much easier for most tea enthusiasts. And now it seems, coffee aficionados will finally get the right end of the ‘convenience’ stick with what is touted as the world’s first disposable ‘coffee machine’ – the Grower’s Cup system.

Bridging the gap between a filter coffee brewer and a French Press, the contrivance comprises of a bag which houses an internal filter filled with ground beans. Similar to a tea bag in its working scope, water is poured through this filter, and it ultimately accumulates at the bottom chamber – for your preparation of coffee on the go.

As is the chemical nature of ground coffee beans, the longer you keep the water in the bag, the higher the ‘strength’ would be of the resultant coffee. And, once you have brewed your cup, you can easily dispose of the bag in the nearest trash can.  In other words, you don’t have to worry about your shot of caffeine – when on a plane or even when you are hiking.

Interestingly (and a bit unsurprisingly), the inspiration behind the Grower’s Cup system came from tea bags. And likewise, this influence has carried on to the commercial side of affairs, with the disposable coffee bags being available in 12 varieties. Each bag  carries 0.6 oz (18 grams) of ground coffee, which accounts for two cups of coffee when treated with 300 ml of tepidly boiled water.

Oh, and lest we forget, this is what Ulrik Rasmusse, the Danish designer behind the Grower’s Cup, had to say about coffee and his invention –

Coffee has all the same attributes as wine – you want to know where the coffee has come from, what its story is, and what quality it is. Our coffee bag is to coffee what the wine bottle is to wine.



Price – Around $7

Via: Business-Standard

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