Dressy – A funky dressed lamp with the adorable quotient

DRESSY, Dress your light_1

Sweaters and cozies for your coffee mugs and tea pot?! Yes, we got the part about the adorable gimmicky essence, but nothing beyond that. However, this time around we are affably enticed by the prospect of ‘dressing up’ our lamp. Christened aptly as the Dressy, this brainchild of designer Luana Marchese provides a nifty visual combination of cloth and wood, both of which play their crucial roles in the ultimate effect of the light.

The lamp structure made from ash wood, is pretty simple and unobtrusive in nature with four uniform support legs emerging from a central point. This rather complements the elementary shape of the skullcap that fits perfectly atop the top section, thus shading the light source.

The setup sort of alludes to the ‘animated’ side of the lamp, which gives it a personality in an intangible sense. In fact, users can utilize different patterns of fabric for various lighting effects on a smaller scale – a perfect little fusion of visuals and functionality.

On the other hand, when the lamp is switched off, the cap-dressing/lampshade accounts for the unique aesthetic composition of a ‘soft’ cloth covering a ‘solid’ wooden installation. This essence of novelty is quite informal in its scope and yet quite eye-catching in a real-time sense.

The prototype of the Dressy was exhibited at Milan, in this year’s Salone del Mobile.

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Source: Luana Marchese

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