Growver autonomous robot keeps track of lawn health


Maintaining green lawn is not an easy task, especially when water shortage has been the major cause of concern in places around North America. However to ensure healthier growth of your lawn, Revely Microsystems has come up with the Growver watering system. It is an autonomous robot that knows exactly how much amount of water your lawn needs, ensuring not even a single drop of water is wasted during irrigation.


The robot is designed to moved around your yard while watering grass, but this smart device ensures less water usage than other conventional sprinklers in the market. It can automatically attach to a garden hose, and uses wire sensor technology to figure out which parts of lawn are dryer. After that the device gives more water to the dried portions, while saving water on areas where irrigation is not required.

It uses a simple setup procedure and certain parameters for operating various preset modes of watering. Moreover, it comes in green color to effortlessly blend into its environment. A companion smartphone app allows the robot to keep complete track of your lawn health. The mobile app sends you notifications about how well your lawn is doing and how much water is needed for proper growth of grass.


Currently, the project is seeking funds on Kickstarter for initial target of about $100,000. A pledge of $325 will help you secure one Growver robot for your lawn. If the project successfully surpasses the target amount, then you may expect the delivery of the product by March 2017 only in United States. Yet, we’re not sure about shipment of the product to other countries.

Via: DigitalTrends

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