Palitos lamps crafted from recycled fruit crates and machined metallic frames

Palitos lamps by Sergio Mendoza_1

It is not often that we come across lamps made from recycled materials that were given a second life. Designer Sergio Mendoza showers his artistic flair upon this sustainable scope of rarity, with his remarkable Palitos series of lamps.

Envisaged as a design evolution to the creator’s earlier SMP series, the Palitos lampshades are made from bits of old fruit crates. Their chaotic arrangement in many ways stand out as an antithesis to the neatly assembled metallic framed supports.

In fact, this symbolic contrast is not just confined to the aesthetic bearing of the lamps, but also entail the design processes for the lighting fixtures. For example, the fruit crates were broken down by hands to be assembled into a rough lampshades. On the other hand, the solid powder coated steel required high precision equipment to be bent and arranged.

Such opposing crafting techniques also have their effect on the production credentials of the Palitos lamps. The heterogeneous ambit involves local fruit stores (for salvaging the crates) and traditional small industries of Valencia that have made their crucial contributions for the metal finishing. Furthermore, the designer is also looking forth to engage specific collectives that might commercially benefit from the wood constructing endeavor.

And, since we have brought up the commercial side of affairs, the Palitos lamps are available for retail in two variant sizes and four different colors (black, white, coral and turquoise).

Palitos lamps by Sergio Mendoza_3 Palitos lamps by Sergio Mendoza_2

Price – €110 (around $150). For placing your order, please follow the El Taller de Radios link.

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