How Technology Can Transform your Garage

garage technology

Days when garage doors were manually opened and closed, are long gone. Technology is moving fast enough to provide solutions that are useful for us – the users.

If the rest of the homes have appliances that prove how fast technology is advancing, the garage seems to be running behind with inventions. Still, it is not too much behind as some innovations and solutions can make your garage look like a true Batcave.

In this article, we’re going through some of these ideas that you can adapt and make your garage look incredibly cool. Follow up if you want to see how you can remodel and reshape the parking space you might use as a man cave from time to time.

1. Wi-Fi garage door opener

Say goodbye to losing the remote. Now garage doors are opened through your smartphone, and you don’t lose it so easily as a tiny remote control. Through Wi-Fi, the garage door can be controlled by any device that is connected to it.

Ideally, you can control it through your smartphone. Depending on the type of garage door, you can set it to open and close without touching anything. The system can detect the signal and open it immediately for you.

Smart apps control what is happening with your home entirely today, and the garage is not different. The only thing you need to do is find a company that will install one of these new doors and let you enjoy the fruits of modern technology.

2. Laser guided parking

How many times have you had to bump into the container filled with items because you can’t clearly see how far you’ve gone inside the garage? There’s no room for everything, so some items need to protrude out of their perfect location.

This will not be an issue anymore with installing laser guides that will help you park your car perfectly into the ideal spot. The lasers installed on the roof will show you exactly how far you should go and will create a virtual parking spot that you can’t miss—no more bumping into items.

Having two cars makes the problem a real struggle at some times. Especially if you and your spouse drive and park at the same time. Two different people will always have issues parking both cars without a scratch. With the lasers, no one will have a problem.

3. Lifting machine to handle lack of space

Not all of us are Jay Leno to have a garage with the size of 5 houses. Most of us are on a budget, and our garages are often tiny and cannot hold everything we want to store inside. On the other hand, there’s no other place to store your bike or the mortar cart.

Using a machine that will lift some items on higher ground is a solution that can be achieved with just a little investment. Today’s technology allows you to use that ample space on the top of your garage. Just mount it on top and use your smartphone to give the order to lift something up.

Things like your bike, toolboxes, carts, and other stuff can be easily lifted up there and stored for as long as you need them. The same app will give the order to the machine to roll down and give you what you need. Cool, right?

4. Rustless removable toolboxes

Do you still have your old grandpa’s rusty toolbox made of iron? It’s so heavy you can barely move it a centimetre. Does it have holes in it too? It’s normal; these things can last only so much.

Today’s toolboxes and tool cabinets are made of much better and durable materials. Steel, stainless steel, or the famous Ozy toolbox aluminium made boxes are lightweight and so durable that you’ll probably need no other in your lifetime.

You don’t even have to worry about where to place it. Aluminium is so lightweight that you can take them with you whenever you need it and bring them back to the garage. This is barely possible with the old-fashioned toolboxes because they are too heavy to be removed.

5. Smart systems alarming on potential dangers

To prevent burglars from getting into your garage, you need to install an alarm system. This is probably going to scare them away. The true problem is protecting your garage from other inconveniences, like fire, flood, smoke, and similar issues.

Today’s smart homes solve this problem with ease. Installing smart cameras will give you insight at all times. Moreover, the smart systems are now equipped with outstanding technology that alarms you about anything that’s happening inside.

It is connected to your smartphone, so in the middle of the night, you’ll get a notification if there’s something strange going on. Gasses, fire, burglars, anything that might be happening out of the ordinary will be detected and sent back to you so you can react accordingly.

Wrapping up

Technology today has made our lives look like we’re part of a rich Hollywood movie. Cameras, sensors, and all of them connected through the internet can make our garages true Batcaves. We no longer need to see this place as an add-on to the house but as a major part of it.

Go through the options, see if you love some of the ideas, and research how to do it. Some of these things may turn your garage from a place you’d rather not be into a place you love spending more time.

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