How To Cover Your Old Kitchen Countertops

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Are you bored of your old countertop that is damaged or discolored? If so, you need to take action and look for an immediate solution. Usually, an old-looking countertop not only makes the kitchen appear dull but has a handful of scratches and smudges all over the surface. Even if your countertop is damaged over the period, it becomes difficult to serve food and chop your vegetables or clean your spills.

However, today we have come up with a few sure shot hacks and simple techniques for covering countertops and refinishing your kitchen corner. There are several solutions for covering up your kitchen countertop, but doing it all yourself can be time-consuming and difficult. As a result, it is preferable to engage a professional to fix the countertop.

But if it’s extremely damaged, then purchasing a new one would be a great option. Reputed quartz countertop manufacturers, like Caesarstone, offer durable, high-quality countertops for residential and commercial spaces.

Ways to cover or repair your old looking kitchen countertop in your home

If you are searching for how to cover kitchen countertops to enhance their beauty, take a look at these basic but result-oriented ways: 

        Revamp counter with a mottled look

To achieve a perfect mottled look and feel while covering the countertop in your kitchen, use pieces of sponge and color on your counter with a dabbing motion. You can keep repeating the procedure until you cover the entire counter or achieve the desired results. 

        Use epoxy on the countertop surface 

You can also use epoxy material to transform your countertop surface with an appealing pattern or design. For example, if your countertop has chips or large cracks — more than 1/8 inch, you can easily apply two parts of epoxy putty and efficiently cover the gaps or any cracks in your counter’s surface. After applying the coat, let it dry thoroughly and sand the surface for a smooth finish. 

        Use the laminate paper 

If your counter has minor damages, you can use laminate paper to fix it. All you have to do is laminate your counter with a lovely pattern and renew it. Otherwise, you can paint the scratches with a matching colored pen, which is readily available at hardware stores. But be careful not to go overboard and overfill the space.

        Use baking soda/dishwasher

If your countertop has stains, try removing them with baking soda and water. For the best results, apply the toothpaste to the affected area and keep it on for a couple of hours. If stains persist, use a glass cleaner or acetone acid, and nail polish to easily remove stubborn stains. However, always remember to use a white-colored cloth to avoid transferring color on your countertop. 

        Paint your countertop

If your counter has major discoloration due to faded surfaces or food spills, covering countertops with proper paint is the ideal solution, as the sponge technique might not work. So, try to evoke your inner artist, choose a color of your choice and paint your counter in your favorite pattern while you can laminate the same for securing the counter.

Guidelines to follow while repairing a kitchen countertop in your home

However, with all the procedures, only one question comes to mind, i.e., “how to cover old countertops” and how to achieve the best results. So, for the best outcomes, follow the suggestions below:

·         Remove any smudges or debris from your countertop by cleaning it with kitchen soap and water. Alternatively, mix equal parts water and vinegar in a basin and use it to clean the surface. Alternatively, you can clean your countertop using a denatured alcohol wipe. To avoid stains, avoid touching it afterwards.

●        Don’t let the kids enter the kitchen while it’s being treated.

●        Next, get rid of old caulk from seams around the corners, faucets, and kitchen sink.

  •  Apply painter tape carefully where you don’t want to paint. The areas include a kitchen sink, taps, and even a backsplash.

●        Afterward, de-gloss the entire kitchen countertop using high-quality, 100-grit sandpaper and gently rub it on the kitchen counter. Next, clean the residue properly. 

●       Now that you are ready to paint– apply a good quality primer. And allow it to dry completely for almost four hours. 

●        Now take good quality paint and carefully apply it all over the countertop to give a new life to it. If you prefer darker shades, you can apply another coat and leave it overnight for better results — wait for 24 hours. 

Ideal qualities for countertops for your residential cooking space 

Although you can repair your countertop by yourself, it might consume your time, make your surroundings dirty, and may not provide long-term results. Therefore it’s recommended to hire a qualified professional to treat your countertop.

However, if your kitchen counter is way too damaged and can not be treated, repaired, or even covered up, investing in a new countertop would be the best option. Below we have shared some tips to consider while searching for an ideal countertop for your kitchen:


A properly leveled counter usually results in a quieter kitchen and makes it easier for you to clean or do the chopping. You can choose from an array of self-leveling materials to have a perfect countertop.

      Toxic-free material 

The kitchen counter has to be free from toxic fumes and surfaces to make it ideal for cooking food, chopping, and serving food. So, it is necessary to examine the material before making any purchase. Choose organic, flame-resistant, and environmentally safe materials for your countertops, like engineered quartz. It reduces the possibility of hazardous acids being introduced into your meal preparation. 

What have you learned about covering old kitchen countertops?

We hope this post gave you some helpful ideas for treating your countertop as well as tips to attain the desired results. However, we still urge that you seek the assistance of a professional rather than handling it all on your own to avoid any mess or chaos.

Additionally, treating a significantly damaged counter may not survive long, thus it is recommended that a new one be purchased.

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