How to give your kitchen window a garden style makeover

Garden kitchen windows have made a comeback recently. The reason behind this can be the fact that homeowners prefer green designs and décor these days. Another reason why people love garden kitchen windows is that they spend a lot of time in this area of the house and they want to make it look livelier.

The garden kitchen windows comprise of a thicker sill, so that you can place small flowerpots and planters there. You can even create a small kitchen garden at the windowsill. There is many way of decorating the kitchen window and make it look more beautiful. Incorporate different features of a beautiful garden and think out of the box for making your kitchen window look unique. In the following, we have described some steps give your kitchen window a garden style makeover.

What is your vision?

Without a clear vision, you cannot start remodeling your kitchen window. What are the images that come to your mind when you think about a garden? These images you can incorporate cleverly into your newly styled kitchen window. Some things that we usually associate with a garden are sundial, bird feeder, birdbath, grass, pebbles and of course lovely flowers.

A fresh bunch of flower and bonsai trees can look lovely if the kitchen window is big enough. Dream and plan well so the execution is flawless. You can even draw the finished and styled window for reference.

How to decorate narrow and small window?

Remodeling your kitchen window that is both small and narrow can pose some basic difficulties such as lack of space. Despite lack of space in the window frame, you can build and extended sill for keeping a low planter full of green herbs. Plant herbs you use in your daily cooking. For example, if your family loves Italian food then you can use parsley because it is an important ingredient of Italian food.

If your family likes curries, you can plant coriander. You can also opt for a small planter for holding a little flower plant. You can plant outside the window if you live in ground floor and have surrounding space available. This will make it possible for you to look at something green every time you look at the kitchen window.

Make cost effective changes:

Do you have empty oil or paint canisters in your home? You can clean and use them for planting small herbs and flower plants. It is the most cost effective way of turning your kitchen window into a garden style one. Another nice and beautiful way of incorporating the garden style in your home’s kitchen window is building a glass shelf. You can then keep small mud planters holding flower plants on top of the glass shelf.

Some homeowners are using more than one glass shelf and bright colored flowers for making the kitchen window look like a mini garden. Use a creeper plants on the upper frame of the window to make your kitchen look even more stunning.

Give your kitchen window a garden style makeover_1

How should you arrange the pots?

Placing and arranging the different types of pots correctly will let the natural light come inside without compromising on style. If you have both big and small planters, then keep the smaller ones on the top shelves and the bigger ones at the bottom shelves or the sill.

Hanging garden style is an easy way of beautifying your kitchen window. Hang colorful planters up side down using strings. You can use spot lighting for making the area look more illuminated and pretty. Use empty coffee tins for this purpose.

Give your kitchen window a garden style makeover_2

Tips for choosing plants:

While choosing plants you have to keep in mind the décor of your kitchen and the color palette you have used in it. You can choose plants with colorful leaves. Green plants always compliment the kitchen décor. You can also choose a flowering plant but make sure that the color is suitable for your kitchen.

Change the style of your window:

If your kitchen is long and narrow then the wall running by the side of it should also be long enough. Build a lovely deep bay window that will open up your kitchen space and make room for keeping your herb or flower planters. You can break down the wall just above your kitchen sink and build a bay window.

Place a flowerpot containing bright flowers to enliven this dull area. Always think about the value of changes you make. Remodeling can increase the market worth of your property.

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Every home is different, so is the kitchen. You need to understand what suits your need and decorate the kitchen accordingly. Creating a garden style kitchen window will make the kitchen look a lot more fresh and soothing.

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